Dubai, the Dazzling Diva

Dubai Stands Like an Oasis in Mirage

Normally, tourist destinations boasts of their natural beauty or heritage but Dubai is a city which takes pride in being most affluent tourists destination in the world, And this city in UAE is not shy of showing its riches. The city is working on its infrastructure at a frenetic pace. The cityscape is flooded with skyscrapers which is not a usual sight in deserts. And this rebuilding spree is paying dividends for the city. Flights to Dubai are full of passengers who want to see this oasis in Mirage.

Of glamour and glitz
This largest metropolis in UAE has all the trappings of a modern city and it is fast emerging as a tourism, business and financial hub in this region. The city has everything larger than life. Be its luxurious hospitality, helicopter shuttle and fleet of most expensive cars; the city showcases its wealth guiltlessly.

Business opportunities galore
To cash on the opportunity businesses from around the world want to have their presence in Dubai. And growing interest in Dubai has imparted this city a cosmopolitan character. Dubai is now headquarters to some global conglomerations.

Mecca for Shopaholics
The city of Dubai has now become synonymous with shopping and while on Dubai sojourn you can find outlets of major brands from the world. Just enter into one of the climate controlled shopping malls and you will be amazed to see the eclectic collections of fashion labels there.

Fine Dining
With presence of some major restaurant chains dinning is one of the best features of Dubai and tourists can order cuisines from around the world. Besides offering visual delight the city also offers a treat to the taste buds.

It is hard to describe the city of superlatives in few worlds. To know the city better book a flights ticket to Dubai from London and you start feeling the difference as soon as your aircraft reaches the sky of Dubai.