December 2015

Team Robinson Newsletter

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Welcome to all the new Team Robinson team members! This is our monthly newsletter, which celebrates all of our team achievements for last month.

Be sure to check out for all the latest announcements and upcoming events.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your Thirty-One business. I am here to support you on your journey!


Outlet Sale - Coming Soon!

Consultants Only Shop - Sunday, Dec. 27 at 2pm ET

Customers Shop - Monday, Dec. 28 at 2pm ET

1. Get the word out! Do not rely on Thirty-One to share this information with your customers. Post in your customer group, send private messages, send emails etc. Contact your customers however you can to let them know about this great opportunity. Share often between now and the sale date to keep the news fresh in their minds (but never post on your personal fb page). Customers will go to your personal website to shop.

2. Let your customers know what to expect. Items are while supplies last, and there will be a ton of ladies trying to shop at the same time. Think Black Friday sales. Ask them to be patient and persistent as they try to shop the sale.

3. Get exited! These are great deals for your customers. Share your excitement and keep the positive momentum with your customers!

All items are while supplies last.
You can personalize outlet items.
Customers Only - Spend $35 and you are eligible for the monthly special!

Ready, Set, Sell!

Add-On Kit

From Dec. 30 - Jan. 20, you can purchase the Spring Add-On Kit for only $40. It features three products totaling a value of $125.
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Time to Celebrate! November 2015

Sales Superstars - Top 10 in Sales

Sara Harrod - $4108

Jessica Worthington - $2214

Emily Johnson - $1985

Lindsay Inman - $1776

Mary Stephenson - $1474

Dawn Taylor - $1309

Kimberly Turner - $1080

Sharon Langdon - $931

Britten Cooney - $723

Carol Bottini - $594

Top Partiers

Sara Harrod - 7

Mary Stephenson - 5

Jessica Worthington - 5

Lindsay Inman- 4

Dawn Taylor - 4

Emily Johnson - 3

Kimberly Turner - 3

Britten Cooney - 2

Melinda Ross - 2

Carol Bottini - 2

Sharon Langdon - 2

Welcome To The Team

Kayla Roush - Ohio

Look Who Qualified!

These ladies sold their first $1000! Awesome job!

Mary Stephenson

Start Swell Earners

These ladies met their Start Swell goals and earned a kit of their choice for FREE!

Julie Cleveland - Level 4

Sharon Langdon - Levels 2-3

Mary Stephenson - Levels 2-3

Kimberly Turner - Levels 2-3

Kayla Roush - Level 1

Team Robinson Monthly Stats

Our Family Is Growing!

New Consultants added by Team Robinson: 1

New Consultants added by Entire Downline: 3

We Partied Hard!

Team Robinson Total Parties: 46

Entire Downline Total Parties: 76

Look At What We Sold!

Team Robinson Sales: $20,590

Entire Downline Sales: $32,309

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