Winter Newsletter

February 2021

The Happenings in 5th Grade

5th graders have been working hard this year. We are learning about informational, narrative, and opinion writing. We have also been learning new vocabulary and words in spelling. In math we practice Fact Fluency everyday and are currently working on Reading and Writing Decimals in expanded form and word form. In social studies we are on an adventure with Early Explorers, taking us out in the oceans and on the Silk Road. In science we are discovering States of Matter and Mixtures & Solutions. The 5th graders are also starting a new project this semester called Genius Hour where they can pick what they would like to learn about and then work on it one hour a week. When they finish they will be presenting their new learning to the class. We have also had time for some art. The picture below are the drawings of some of the 5th Graders representation of Anime Portraits. They got to learn about what makes a drawing Anime and how to draw it. Then they presented their take on that style of art. Submitted by Mrs. Nicole Conway

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The 3rd and 4th Graders Have Been Busy

4th graders spent the beginning of the quarter reading a class novel called No Talking. They ended the book by having a No Talking Challenge of their own, seeing who could talk the least, the boys vs. the girls. 3rd graders had some fun working on identifying unknown words by working through a scavenger hunt. Each clue was a sentence containing a vocabulary word! They did an amazing job!

In science, the class spent their time learning about three different systems in our body that help us function - the respiratory system, nervous system, and circulatory system. They ended their unit by drawing a life size diagram of each of all three systems, which they presented to the class. Submitted by Mrs. Mason Giese.

1st and 2nd Grade Is One Fun Place To Be!

Students are learning a lot and maturing a lot too. We have been working hard to add and subtract double digit numbers and count money. They are learning all about the Earth and how our Solar System works, as well as learning about our community and how people work together. They are able to write personal narratives that include detailed descriptions and use of the 5 senses to paint a picture for their reader. Submitted by Ms. Faith Shores.

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1st Graders

Karlee Jo Barney, Maddax Wright, Finn Florenzen, Parker Salinas and Honor Parrish. Not pictured are Hazel McConville and Titan Fugere

Before Winter Break, the 1st graders wrote and published books with Mrs. Victorino. they were very excited to share their published work with their families. In January, the 1st graders joined our class, as Mr. and Mrs. Victorino welcomed their beautiful baby girl. We are enjoying getting to know each other and working hard on our reading and math skills. Submitted by Ms. Faith Shores

Writing Is A Tough Subject To Teach In Kindergarten

However, we also know that the harder the challenge, the greater the reward. This definitely rings true for kindergarten writing. For students, writing is also intimidating and I often hear, "I can't spell," or "I can't read". So, I tell my students, "I know! We're going to learn together!" When we begin writing at the start of the year, students express their stories through illustrations. Then they begin to label their drawings, add speech bubbles to help convey emotion, and then we slowly build on writing sentences. As student's reading skills develop, their writing skills also start to blossom. In these writing samples, you can see students using their sight words, CVC words, and attempting to sound out long words! Each day these Kindergarteners are improving and they are on their way to becoming storytelling experts! I can't wait to hear and see all the stories they have yet to tell! Submitted by Ms. Julianna Hughes.

No Charge For ASB Cards This Year.

Thanks to a grant, this year only, Almira School District will pay for all ASB cards and participation fees! Let's just hope we are able to have sports this year!

6th Grade News

The sixth grade has been enjoying learning about the geography, history, government and present day United States and Canada. We have now traveled to Northern South America. In Science, we have finished learning about plants and are now learning all about animals. We have started a novel study in Language that we are very much enjoying. We have recently published poems. We hope you enjoy reading them on the School’s web page. Submitted by Mrs. Sarah Sample.

7th and 8th Grade English Language Arts (ELA)

This year marks the 44th Black History Month in the United States. 7th and 8th grade ELA classes are honoring the Black History Month by reading. A Long Walk to Water is about the Sudan civil war. We will finish our book reading unit by watching a movie about the Lost Boys of Sudan coming to America. 8th grade is reading about Isabel, a slave girl in New York during the summer of 1776, during the American Revolution. Both classes are loving their novels, and can't wait to see how they end. Submitted by Mrs. Kristi Okamoto.

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Library Highlights

Library time has been filled with plenty of fun, and a LOT of paint! Our 3-4 classroom has been enjoying making winter paintings, while hearing several different winter themed stories and poems. We are looking forward to some warmer weather, and some springtime fun! Kindergarten, as well as our 1-2 class, has just finished up our series of penguin books. It has been fascinating watching their interest grow about the life of a penguin! Be sure to ask your kiddo to show you their penguin art! Submitted Mrs. Natasha McCall.

Middle School Enrichment Classes

A little variety will be added to our routine beginning March 1st when middle school enrichment classes begin during the last half hour of the school day! Students will stay in their current pods and rotate through a variety of classes.

Sixth grade enrichment classes will be Art three days a week and Music two days a week for thirty-three days and a combination of Dance and Drama for thirty-three days.

Seventh grade will rotate classes every sixteen days and enrichment will consist of Drama/Music combination, Cinema Appreciation, STEM (robotics), and Art.

Eighth grade also will rotate every sixteen days with the same class offerings, except Outdoor Games will take the place of Cinema Appreciation. Submitted by Mr. Sean Matthewson.

ACH Middle School Sport Possibilities for 2021

Almira Coulee Hartline Middle School sports will begin IF/ WHEN the Eastern region of Washington’s roadmap to recovery moves to Phase 2.

The next date that could possibly happen would be Monday, February 15th. If we move to Phase 2 football practice would begin on Tuesday, February 16th and volleyball practice would begin on Thursday, February 18th. The activity bus will leave Almira at 4:30 during the football and volleyball seasons, dropping athletes off in Harltline at 4:45 and arriving in Coulee City at 5:00. When finalized, game schedules will be available on the Almira school website, and more than ever, will be subject to change.

Specifics on the required COVID protocols for athletes and spectators will also be posted on the Almira website once finalized by the league and school. Please contact Sean Matthewson, MS athletic director, with any additional questions or concerns. Submitted by Mr. Sean Matthewson

Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser

Stay tuned for more information about our spring pizza fundraiser! We normally participate in the fall with our pizza selling fundraiser, but this year we are bringing something new! All sales will be done online (via phone, tablet, or computer), and delivery will come via FedEx to your door. You get the same great Little Caesar's products, but with no contact. That warm feeling you're getting isn't just the pizza oven heating up, it's the feeling you get from supporting your school, your students, and the ASB activities! March 1st is the kickoff day!