Manatee News 8/30/2021

Manatee Elementary School Newsletter

Reminder-if someone in your household tests positive for COVID, contact the front office!

Important Dates


  • Kindergarten Curriculum Night via Zoom


  • 1st Grade Curriculum Night via Zoom


  • Early release 1:15 pm

Monday September 6, 2021

  • Labor Day - Holiday for all

New English Language Arts Curriculum

Parents of Manatee READERS!

Two weeks of instruction have hurled by at the speed of light and students are settling in to our new reading curriculum with engaged excitement! Both Benchmark Advance (K-5) and Savvas (gr.6) have been well received by teachers and students alike.

As the teachers conclude their “launch” units over the next few weeks, you may notice a few differences from our legacy curricular elements. Benchmark Advance and Savvas use a combination of large-group, small group, and individual texts to teach foundational skills and encourage a gradual release of responsibility for learning to the student.

This style supports a transition to a love of life-long learning and sets students up for independence as they move through elementary to secondary and beyond. One example of change is less focus on summative assessment (like spelling tests) in favor of formative assessment (like exit tickets) that help teachers to chart a course for each student’s success. When students have opportunity to demonstrate what they know, teachers are then able to use that data to intentionally plan for instruction.

So what does that mean for the gradebook? You will start to see fewer grades in gradebook for ELA, but those grades will be the result of more meaningful assessment! When you think about baseball or football, we don’t keep score at daily practice- we reserve the score (or grade) for the weekly game.

Please remember if you have any concern about your child’s learning, by all means- contact the teacher! He or she is your partner in education and the teacher-student-parent triangle is the single most powerful predictor of student success!

Revitalized Manatee Meadow

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Jace Wicker, Abigail Watson, and Camden Wicker, pictured above, are not just former Manatees but awesome volunteers. They spent countless days this summer putting in the sweat equity to give our Manatee Meadow a complete facelift. We appreciate all of their hard work and cannot wait to utilize our outdoor classroom this school year!

PTO News

The PTO has a new email address, please update your contacts!

Important Dates

● Wednesday, September 8th PTO meeting. Zoom link to follow.

Fall Fundraiser

We are a week into our Fall Fundraiser Charleston Wrap! Please make sure to register your

child and share the catalog with others. The funds raised during this time account for 98% of the PTO operating budget and allow us to purchase supplemental curriculum materials and supplies for the various grade levels.

We understand if you are uncomfortable fundraising at this time, as always, we have provided

an “opt out” option. Manatee PTO receives 100% of all “Opt Out” donations. This is a direct,

tax deductible donation that goes directly to PTO. The Opt out form was attached to the catalog, if you have lost it we can provide another. Donations can also be made via Venmo

@Manatee-PTO and every donation helps.


All volunteers must be registered with the district. This process can take up to six weeks.

The district has adjusted their approval process, if you were fingerprinted prior to May 2018

please click here to learn about changes to your volunteer status.

We are still in need of Room Parents for multiple grade levels and activity & resource teachers. Please reach out to your teacher or the PTO if you are interested.

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