What's Happening at Rockwood Prep?

March 2021

Message from the Principals!

Happy March!


February brought a month of cold weather, rain, snow, and ice! Hopefully March proves to let in a little more sunshine and warmth!

The 13th of this month will mark one year since our last day on campus and the beginning of Distance Learning. As we reflect on all that has happened in this short year, we want to thank each of you for your patience, understanding, and grace. RPA students are learning at high levels this year, and that learning is thanks to strong parent-teacher relationships and your invested interest in seeing your students continue to work toward building a strong academic foundation. Our students have learned skills in this year that will benefit them for years to come. They have mastered learning in a different setting, how to use new technology, built independence skills, and communicated on new platforms. Through it all, they have learned that education is important and that we are all advocating for their long-term success!

This month also brings Live teaching in all classrooms, Conferences, Spring Break, and at the end of the month we roll out the start of our Hybrid learning model! We are excited to have these things to look forward to!

Here's to a new month and a new outlook!

-Mrs. Barnard & Mrs. McCollum

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Attendance Drawing Winners for February

Congratulations! These students have been in morning meetings, turned in work, or made contact with their teacher everyday so far this year!

Here are the awesome winners!

Kindergarten Rose

1st Grade Daisy

2nd Grade Josiah

3rd Grade Ismael

4th Grade Zella

5th Grade Brian

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Important Dates in March

  • March 17 - Teacher Professional Development (NO SCHOOL)
  • March 18 - Conferences (NO SCHOOL)
  • March 19 - Conferences (NO SCHOOL)
  • March 22-26 - Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)
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February Students of the Month!

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Our kindergarteners have started their 3rd quarter with new concepts in math such as counting past 100, writing tens and ones in symbols and they have also begun saying full equations for 2 part numbers! In reading we have been working on spelling and adding new sounds such as "l" and "w". Our kinders are working hard each week to reach their aimlines! Language has introduced definitions of places and professions as well as sentences in past tense! Our little ones even survived our most recent winter storm and were delighted to be back and share all their fun snow stories! We are very happy to continue moving forward in the school year, keep up the hard work!

First Grade

Hello, First Grade Families! We have seen such great work this month and look forward to watching your students continue to grow as we make it into the second half of the school year. In math we are mastering number families and counting money. In reading we are learning all about the magic pouch and continuing to practice that tricky E rule and reading fluency. If you haven't already had your student log in to Epic, check that out for extra daily reading practice. As we move closer to the end of the school year it is imperative that students continue to practice reading daily so that they can be the best readers possible. Keep up the great work. I cannot believe we are halfway through the school year! We are so proud of how resilient our RPA families have been. As always, reach out to us through Class Dojo if you have any questions or concerns.

Second Grade

This month 2nd grade has really been getting into the swing of things! In math we have continued to work on number families and story problems and started practicing estimation and telling time. Our stories for reading are starting to get a bit longer, which gives students plenty of practice in their reading fluency. There are many story pages posted on both 2nd grade Google Classrooms for students to practice their reading at home. Don't forget that each lesson has a video attached that students should watch before their worksheet - unless the teacher has said otherwise. Next month we look forward to all students joining us daily for live meetings with their class and teacher. Keep up the great work 2nd graders!

Third Grade

Every day I am more impressed by their skills. They are conquering distance learning with very little issues! Now that we are teaching reading and math live, I am seeing a lot of increased performance. Our new early finisher work provided by espark is really helping each student to practice their skills they find most challenging and it's really working great! There is now a secret spelling work every day that can only be found by watching the videos! Our writing skills are something we are working hard to improve and to help us practice, there is now a paragraph response in our reading assignments every day.

Fourth Grade

4th grade! Can you believe it? We are so close to conferences again, we can almost taste it! We Have just started reading the wonderful Beauty and the Beast. We had a blast reading about gods and goddesses and their different powers. We are continuing to truck along in math as the concepts are getting harder and harder. Please make sure students are paying very close attention when the teachers are teaching. The more they miss, the more they will become behind. Also, Students are doing really well in fourth grade keeping their cameras on. Although, there are still some that like to point it towards the ceiling. Please make sure that they know if they were in the classroom, we could see their face. Therefore, we should be able to see their face on the camera. Writing is getting really interesting with many Opinions and debates happening in the classroom. Of course they are friendly but they are very heavy as well. Keep up the great work fourth grade!

Fifth Grade

5th grade has had another fantastic month! We are currently working on mixed numbers and dividing fractions, as well as building skill upon rounding and multi step word problems! The students are doing amazing at memorizing all of the steps they need! We are finishing up The Cruise of the Dazzler in reading! Ask your student how they would feel about being at sea to only find out they were working with pirates! We have been having some awesome community building conversations and really learning a lot about each other! Big shout out to all the students who attend social group with Mrs. Bulich! The groups are so fun and a great way to socialize! Be on the lookout for our next field trip!

Hats off to these truly wonderful students!

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Update from our Counselor, Mrs. Bulich!

What's new in the Counseling department for March?! Last month, students discussed Empathy. This month, students will learn about Anxiety and Test Taking. They will learn tips, strategies and ways to ask for help when they are anxious or overwhelmed. There will be three weekly activities that align with this theme, and one bigger live lesson with each class during the last week of February. The schedule for the monthly class lessons is posted on ClassDojo and the school counseling website!


Mrs. Bulich, School Counselor

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What's New In ELD?

English Language Development has a new face in a Zoom square, Ms Priscilla Aguilera. I am over the moon to have her working with our ELD students. We are communicating with Teachers as to the Language needs of our students, AND should you need to brag about or ask for additional English Language education for your child, please contact me. We have a great school and a great school community. I love and enjoy every moment.

Peace & health,

Michele Brouse Peoples, ELD Specialist

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