K-2 Wing Newsletter

February 8-12, 2016

Weekly Data Submission

Data is what drives your instruction, whether it is formal or informal. You are always collecting data. It may be a quiz, observation checklist, Plickers, work samples etc. This information is to be recorded every week in the form of a data tracker. Data tracker are to be posted to your TKES platform by 11:59 p.m. Thursday.

NWEA Update

This week, NWEA testing will be completed. The majority of the students in K-2 have been assessed. Thank you for your patience in getting all of the students assessed. I am putting finishing touches on your color coded data sheets. As they are completed, I will print out a copy for you and place it in your mailbox. Remember to access the data through the NWEA site which groups your students by skill. The groupings also provide the skill(s) in which students are deficient to help you target your instruction to best meet the needs of your students.

Important Dates


Feb. 9: 4th Quarter Scope and Sequence due by 4:00 p.m.

Feb. 10-12: Ms. Gittens will be visiting.

Feb. 11: Critical Day

Feb. 12: Staff PD day; no students

Feb. 15: No School

Feb. 16: Critical Day

Feb. 24: Social Studies and Science Common Assessments due to Dean Blair for review. Include questions to represent the standards taught from January 11- February 26.

Feb. 29, March 1-2: Administer Social Studies and Science Common Assessments

Feb. 29-March 4 - Begin 1:1 interview piece of interim exams

March 4: Bulletin boards due

March 7: Finalize grade books

March 9: Reports cards printed

March 7-11: NHA Interim Exams

March 17: 1/2 day parent conferences

March 18: Update GKIDS (Kindergarten only); Teacher workday (all)


This newsletter serves in lieu of a Monday team meeting during your instructional planning time. Please sign your name on the list outside of my office door stating you have read the information provided in this week's newsletter by COB Tuesday. If you signature is not present, we will meet on Wednesday after school to discuss the contents of this newsletter. Thank you!

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