25% off Stella & Dot!!

25% off for my sparkliest 25 customers (for 2.5+1 days!!) XO

Hi Gorgeous Girls! Because I know you love the sparkle...and because I love YOU!....

You girls are extra special, and as a special thanks to you for all your support, I'm offering my top 25 customers a special limited time Stella & Dot discount of 25% off - whatever you'd like! Whether it's the stunning Pegasus necklace, or the fabulous Getaway Weekender Bag - it's yours for this special discount until Sunday, June 30th at NOON! All you need to do is email me your list of desired baubles (make your picks from my website) and you can call or text me your payment information, and it'll be at your door in less than a week!

Have you always wanted...



Until the end of JUNE/my special offer to you, for every $50 you spend, you'll get $25 DOT DOLLARS to spend (between July 3rd and 11th) next month! That will give you 50% savings ($25 for every $50 you purchase!!) if you buy now - AND you'll get it on the full retail value (even though I'm covering 25%!!).

And the gorgeous BAGS!!

They WERE sold out - but most are available for PRE-ORDER NOW - and will ship July 9th! And you'll still get your DOT DOLLARS!!!

So what do you think? Ready to sparkle a bit more this summer?

Whether you want to spend $100 or $1000 - 25% is on ME - but just for the next few days!!! So email/call/text me ASAP! And we'll hook you up with all kinds of fun and fabulous stuff!!



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