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The View from Above, Vol. 4 Issue 3

August 27, 2021

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Dear Parents,

As a matter of practice, I try to believe the best in people. I did not start out that way and I had my share of years where cynicism played a role in my life (I believe we call that our twenties), but things really changed when I became an educator. Working with teens and later with younger children, I realized that if I was to be a trusted adult, I had to be able to not just believe in them but I had to encourage them to believe the same. Part of believing the best in people is being able to understand their story and where they are coming from. It is how children develop empathy and compassion and it has to be modeled. Over time, it has become embedded in my outlook on life and while I am sometimes disappointed, it has grounded me. More times than not, people rise to the occasion.

This is particularly important in the times we are now living. There is so much division and hostility that even stating this fact feels like a redundancy. People are frustrated, scared, angry, and hurting. Tolerance levels are shot. But as parents and educators, we have to remember that how we act and respond will be duly noted by our children who watch and hear everything we say and do. If we model patience, they will learn patience. If we practice empathy and kindness, they will be inclined toward empathy and kindness. The tone of our voice is more critical than ever, whether be in the words we speak or the words we write.

With the stream of COVID notices at school and the rise of cases in the area, it is easy to succumb to malaise. But we can't. When we stop believing the best in people, it means we are giving up on people and that is a line we must try not to cross. Parents are doing the best they can. Teachers are doing the best they can. Children are doing the best they can. When harsh or abrupt words are used, it is easier to be offended than to listen past the tone and to try to understand what is happening.

Every day, I see teachers and administrators working hard to give children what they need. Every day, I receive notes and words of support and encouragement from parents. And every day, I see children thriving amidst the challenges we face.

I have no grand solutions to what we are facing because there aren't any. Only time can heal what we are going through now. In the meantime, appreciate the special moments and celebrate the normalcy that still exists. And, please try to believe the best in people and act accordingly.

Thank you,

Stan Beiner

FAST Principal


Curriculum Night

Parents are invited to attend Curriculum Night. Grades K-4 Night will be held on Wednesday, September 1 from 6:00-8:00pm, Grades 5-8 Night will take place on Thursday, September 2 from 6:00-8:00pm. The program begins in the child’s homeroom and parents are invited to go to the teacher’s google site where they can link into Zoom. Curriculum night is the time to hear from teachers about what to expect for the year. Middle school parents will follow their middle school student's schedule and meet with all of their child's teachers.

MAP Assessments

Per Mr. Beiner’s email earlier this week, MAP assessments have been pushed back to next week. MAP is used to help us understand where gaps may be for students and classes so we can address them. Students are encouraged to get a good night’s sleep, have a healthy breakfast, and arrive on time.

The current schedule is:

Monday, August 30: Reading

Tuesday, August. 31: Math

Wednesday, September 1: Language Usage

Accommodations will be made for students currently quarantined to take their MAP assessments upon their return.

Garden Grant

FAST has been awarded a 2021 Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant. The grant will be used to build a fence, add another bed, and enhance other features of our ever expanding project.

FAST Chat With the Principal

This Tuesday, we will hold our first FAST Chat of 2021-2022 with Mr. Beiner sharing what is happening at school this year. He will cover SEL, the garden, our three areas of focus this year, chain of command/communications, and pandemic/homebound protocols. In addition, learn more about how the school is approaching loss of learning through specific initiatives. The session will begin with a brief PTO board meeting where the PTO board budget will be approved. There will be some time reserved for Q and A. Join the Chat, here.

Thoughtful Donation

A special thanks goes out to Dr. Ashely D. Wright, Pediatric Audiologist with Pediatric, Ear, Nose & Throat of Atlanta who has donated two Oticon Connect Clips to FAST for teacher use, to support our Hearing Impaired students in the classroom.


Student Council

Student council is just kicking off for the year with elections coming up on Sept. 8, but we are still seeing results from their work last year. Mr. Epstein was presented with walkie talkies donated by the student council purchased from their spring fundraiser. With student safety in mind, the student council wanted to be sure teachers had a way to stay in touch in case of an emergency no matter where they were on campus.

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Infinite Campus

If you do not already have an Infinite Campus account, please click here for activation information for the parent portal. Infinite Campus is where you can see student grades, attendance, etc. You can also update your contact preferences in Infinite Campus. Please be sure you have your current phone number and email address on file. Additionally, if there are two parents that should be contacted, please be sure that both parents’ contact information is in Infinite Campus.

Afterschool Enrichment Clubs

If you are looking for something engaging and educational for your students to do after school, please consider enrolling them in one of our enrichment programs. We have programs led by FAST teachers as well as outside vendors. The full schedule can be found on our website. Please follow registration and payment requests for each club as indicated on the website.

Questions regarding after school clubs should be directed to

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Back to School Volunteer Survey

Help us help you to help FAST!

Complete the Volunteer Survey so we know how you'd like to share your time & talents.

Support FAST!

Looking for an easy way to help raise money for FAST while you're out running errands? We have a few! By selecting Fulton Academy of Science and Technology (FAST) as the designated charity with any of the following organizations, you can raise money while you shop. All of these donations go directly back to FAST by way of teacher grants, family events, classroom supplies, and more.
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  • Aug. 31, 8am: FAST Chat (School During Covid etc.)
  • Sept. 1, 6-8pm: Curriculum Night Grades K-4
  • Sept. 2, 6-8pm: Curriculum Night Grades 5-8
  • Sept. 3: Teacher work day (no class)
  • Sept 6: Labor Day (no school)


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