Anamal Project

by Hannah Savage


The 3 Animals that I surched up are

  • the Jackalpoe
  • Blue jay
  • And the Platypuses


jackalopes are a mixture of a rabbit and a deer. they can mimic human voices, they have a dirt of grass seeds and nuts, and they can have up to 20 offspring.

  • You have a body good legs fine feet just get your head in the right place and hay your complete

- Disney pixare short films


blue jays

blue jays are rude! they steal other birds nests and food, they are 27 inches total, and they come from the south.

  • The high seas adventurer of blue jay the pirate

- Scot Nash

www.national jays

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a platypuses, the world most mysterious creachers. most of them are venomous well most mails. they come from Australia,and they are warm blooded.

  • The undeniable truth that god has a sense of humor
- unknown

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so the animals that you just say was the weirdest creches in the world well most of them the Blue jay is just mean. The Jackalope is it a deer or a rabbit? The platypus is it a beaver a duck or a bare? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!