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TronChain reneging of it's contract

Click the link below to hear BT's Podcast about Flow Strategy, and Cryptoslo's latest video about Tronchain

Bankroll Flow provides 365% APY on player deposits with passive play. Flow will never drain and operates very similar to farms, minting BNKRX rewards for participation over time. By getting direct referrals and building teams players can accelerate how fast they ROI on initial deposits. Every direct referral by a player provides 10% income on deposits. An individual player can have an unlimited amount of direct referrals. Each direct referal becomes the head of a team chain, so a player can have an unlimited amount of team chains. This is true for EVERY player, a player has one and only one buddy/upline and many teams/downlines. Each team chain earns additional rewards as withdrawals are made from up to 15 players in the team/downline. A downline is a team of players linked by buddies/uplines. Each direct referral you have is the head of a downline in your team, so focus on organic referrals. Rewards in each generation of your downlines are as follows: 1st: 30%, 2nd - 5th: 10%, 6th - 10th: 8%, and 11th - 15th: 5%.
In addition every deposit, roll, and claim generates a 5% BNKR buyback which is sent to Stronghold players. A minimum of 1 BNKRX must be deposited to get started. Spread the word and lets grow Bankroll

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"Active trading is not for anyone but asset portfolio management is for everyone"-CZ
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Some Updates from BT (Patreon)

Some updates and thank you

I want to thank all of the patrons that have supported me through the past year. It was around this time last year that this Patreon was started and it has been one of the most rewarding parts of my job as custodian of Bankroll. Thank you all.


Farms are going to be retired from the platform effectively on 1/1/21. Please withdraw funds ASAP while full functionality in the UI is still available. Once in retired mode only withdraw and revoke will be available.

It is important that Bankroll is able to run autonomously as a public good. Farms have dependencies with other TRC20s which make maintenance a fundamental threat to longevity and autonomy. Instead in 2021, we'll be working with partners on TRON and beyond to leverage BNKRX and BNKR as collateral. In Bankroll the only necessary assets are BNKR, BNKRX, and TRX. Each serves a role in the platform:

  • BNKR - store of value
  • BNKRX - yield
  • TRX - cash value

SwapX and Stronghold

SwapX now supports one click swaps from BNKR to BNKRX. The QuickSwap contract supports swaps in both directions, however only BNKR to BNKRX is exposed for now. I personally think that Stronghold is one of the best performing contracts on the platform, only second to Flow which has phenomenal returns that grow proportionally to adoption.


Lastly, wanted to state that I personally believe Balancer is an awesome alternative to any farm on the market. You can generate yields in pools I have designed between 10 - 60%. Balancer pools do come with medium levels of risk but they produce maintenance free yield/income.

That's all for now. See you in 2021!!!! DYOR/NFA!!!


Don't forget there will be a huge air drop for my level 1 directs on New Years for Flow!