State Project, Illinois

By: Madison


I'm going to talk about all of the good things of Illinois! There is going to be all lot. The nickname,cities,climate and a bunch more. So if I were you, I would be prepared.


We need to talk about the state. Now the state bird is the Northern cardinal. The state tree is QuerausAlaba.The state flower is the Viloa. Last but not least the state song. Well it doesn't exactly have a name so let me just show you a video.
State Song of Illinois


The capital is Springfield, Illinois. The nickname of the state, is Prairie state. The most biggest city in Illinois is Chicago. The population of the hole state is 12,830,632. Big right, I can't believe it is that big!

Motto and other facts

The state motto is National Union. Lets see oh yes the governor. The governor is Bruce Rauner. The u.s. senators are Dick durbin and Mark Kirk. Illinois produce corn and soy beans.
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Bordering states and other facts

There are a lot of bordering states. Here they are. Wisconsin, Michigan,Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Iowa. A lot I know. Here are some bodies of water next and in Illinois. Lake Michigan and Missouri River. The climate is, well in the summer it's very humid and in the winter it is very cold.
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Date of Admission And Famous person!

The date of Admission was December 3, 1818. My famous is Abraham Lincoln. His accomplishments well there are a lot, so here are a few. Lincoln helped stop slavery. He did that by beating the war.

Places in Illinois

Here is a town in Illinois. It's called Benton. Benton is a small town in Illinois. The population is 7,054. Small I know. It's in Franklin county. Now here is a site that is actually in Benton. It is Rend lake. Rend lake is the second largest man made lake in the world. It has a Damn, which is something that keeps the water flowing.
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I hope that you do visit this state because it is very peaceful. There is a small town just waiting for you and your family. So if you want to go to a small town look this state up and you will find what you want. Have a nice, Bye bye!