Spanish 2 Week 2 Update

Sra. Odom - Spring 2016

(**If you didn't receive the first/welcome newsletter, please email me back and let me know, so that I can forward to you.**)

I have called all enrolled students (unless added today). However, I have not been able to get a hold of everyone. It's imperative that I talk with each student this week. I will be following up with you all individually for those that I can't get.

I'll be completing the Day 7 Student Status Report tomorrow/Wednesday to inform ELAs of which students are inactive. ELAs are responsible for following up with these students/parents. ELAs are ultimately responsible for enrollment/registration; I cannot add or drop students, as the NCVPS teacher.

Students should be (almost) done with ALL assignments in the Start Here! section and be starting Unit 1 this week. I know that the weather has prohibited some from starting on time and others were just recently added. Rest assured that I will work with those students who have such circumstances and they will not be penalized. They just need to dive in and work as quickly as they can to get caught up, as well as communicate their status and needs with me.

This week is an *intensive* review of Spanish 1. It's critical that students watch all 8 videos (which are around an hour each) and take notes, accordingly. They should star any concept for which they didn't learn or don't remember and follow up with me individually to go voer it/them, so that they have a solid foundation before moving to Unit 2 (the first unit of new/Spanish 2 content).

Here are the assignments that are DUE this week:

Unidad 1 - Repaso de Español 1

  • **Unidad 1 - Required Live Class**

  • _____ Video de Repaso de Unidad 1 ~ Español 1

  • _____ Video de Repaso de Unidad 2 ~ Español 1

  • _____ Video de Repaso de Unidad 3 ~ Español 1

  • _____ Video de Repaso de Unidad 4 ~ Español 1

  • _____ Video de Repaso de Unidad 5 ~ Español 1

  • _____ Video de Repaso de Unidad 6 ~ Español 1

  • _____ Video de Repaso de Unidad 7 ~ Español 1

  • _____ Video de Repaso de Unidad 8 ~ Español 1

  • _____ Proyecto Final del Repaso de Español 1

Week 1’s work/Getting Started Unit that should already be done:

Getting Started in your NCVPS Spanish Course

  • _____ **Getting Started - Required Live Class (RLC)**

  • _____ Getting Started Lesson w/ Final Quiz

  • _____ Academic Integrity Quiz

  • _____ Getting Started with Blackboard IM

  • _____ How to complete an assignment (Uploading a file/document)

  • _____ How to complete an assignment (Voice Board)

  • _____ How to complete an assignment (Audio File Upload)

  • _____ How to check/send your teacher a message

How can you help (as an ELA/parent) this week?

1. Ask your students how they are doing, what they are doing (which assignment/s) and what they are learning. If they can't tell you with great detail, they aren't getting it.

2. Have your students show you their grades (they are available 24/7) OR have them give you their log-in info., so you can check in on them anytime. You just click on "Grades" in the left-hand sidebar.

As you probably know, students are not always forthcoming/proactive, so ask them! :-)

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Required Live Class Schedule For This Coming Week

Unit 1:

  • Wed, 1/27 @ 3:30 pm
  • Wed, 1/27 @ 9 pm
  • Thurs, 1/28 @ 7 pm
  • Thurs, 1/28 @ 8 pm
  • Fri, 1/29 @ 4 pm
  • Fri, 1/29 @ 9 pm (**mine**)
  • Mon, 2/1 @ 7 pm
Do your computers meet the NCVPS Tech. Requirements?

Click here to see the most up-to-date list. Please note that students should have a headset w/ microphone OR a computer with built-in speakers and microphone.

Students who need help

Students are required to attend Required Live Classes throughout the course (6 total for SSHS), which is a virtual classroom environment that allows for complete interaction with the teacher and other students. As such, questions are often answered in these sessions. However, if/when a student needs additional help, he/she should first ask me, the teacher. If I'm not available and it's a quick question, he/should should take advantage of the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center's Quick Questions via BB IM. If more serious content tutoring/remediation is needed, the student/s can request one-on-one tutoring with me and/or a peer tutor. If a student is weary, nervous, and/or conscientious about taking the class online, he/she can request a Virtual Buddy from the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center for moral support, technical assistance, and more. See the video below for complete details on the PTC (information is located in the course as well).
Click here for NCVPS Virtual Support/Help Desk!

The NCVPS Virtual Support Center is available for technical assistance (for which I cannot do/help). They can be reached via phone during business hours or any time via Help Desk ticket.