Chapter 12 -- Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson's Childhood:

Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767, in the Wax-haw settlement, a community of Scotch-Irish immigrants. Though his birthplace in dispute, he said he was a South Carolina Native. His father dies before he was born, Andrews mother and her three young boys moved to her Crawford relatives. The revolutionary was ended Jackson's childhood, and wiped out his remaining immediate family. Jackson's older brother died on ship, apparently from heat stroke. Andrew and his brother, being to young to be a formal solider, fought with American irregulars, They were captured and imprisoned on a British ship and contracted small pox, which Robert dies of shortly after they were released. His mother also died trying to get some of her nephews from British ships.

Jackson's path to Presidency:

Andrew Jackson's supporters were mostly common people, because he supported almost all of what they wanted. Andrew wanted the vote to come from common people and not from rich, and because there were more rich than the poor, he gained more voted. Rich people didn't really like him.

Jackson's Policies

I believe Jackson was a hero.

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson used the Spoils System (Also known as a Patronage System) to vote for him.

Jackson was Hero because...

He didnt want to be the face of the government, he was known but he just wanted to be the best he could be and beyond that! And even after everything he did, he didnt want to be praised but he was put on the twenty (20) dollar bill.

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