Animal Abuse

Please join us to stop Animal Abuse!

The Causes of Animal Abuse

The main causes of Animal Abuse are hostility, assault, revenge, to shock people for amusement, satisfy prejudgment against a breed, express emotion(anger), retaliate again another person, and to control the animals from bad behavior. These are the top most causes for animal abuse and need to be stopped today!

Dairy of Animal Abuse

In New Mexico the farmers use a term called "animal abuse" to get the products they need to survive, but not only do they get their products but they are also hurting the animals to get what they need. An organization has found out how they abuse the animals and are going to put fines on them for doing the actions. Some cities have removed cattle from dairy farms to prevent the animals from getting hurt. The employees involved in an kind of animal abuse were fired from their jobs.

Laws incorporated in Animal Abuse

Groups associated with Animal Abuse have caught some Ag industries abusing animals have had warning but they ignore those warnings and then end up getting fined. As in South Dakota if you are caught once abusing a animal in any way you are automatically fined OR you are fired. Animal rights group have made it to a conclusion that animals that are being abused are fined with a misdemeanor.

WWF Association/ Charity Association

The WWF Association has made a report that over 40 percent of our animals have been gone due to Animal Abuse. With the Animal Abuse going one has caused the charity association has made a plan to have donations to help Animal Abuse around the world and to help our environment with pesticides. We don't want animal waste from those poor little creatures.


Last year about 70 rabbit farms in Spain have had reports of rabbits being diseased, crippled, and severely wounded whom are left to suffer with no medication or no treatment. Evidence has been found that 6 men in Spain have been caught with animal cruelty. One guy named Burberry will not purchase or use animal fur due to the fact that it came from an animal that has been killed or abused. He is sharply in honor of those animals who have been abused and one day will make a stop to it.


Today, we have given our evidence and our facts to let you know about animal abuse. We will not abuse animals in this modern world. Join with us today as we take a moment of silence to honor those dead ones. Animals are just like human beings, why should they be the ones to be abused?