Warrior Weekly

December 14-18, 2015

Merry Christmas!

What a nice gift we received from the PTO this Friday! We are so lucky to have that great group of people looking out for our staff and students! Christie and I will be hosting our annual Lunch for the Staff on Friday, December 18 in the Staff Lounge. Things should be ready for you to enjoy by 10:45.

C.L.A.S.S. Coaching on Wednesday

I sent a schedule to teachers and staff involved in the training on Wednesday. I have made a couple of adjustments as there were a couple of things scheduled that caused conflicts. Please make sure to revisit it in case the changes involve you!


  • Thank you to Mr. Pulley and the first and second grade teachers for helping students have an outstanding performance on Monday night! Everyone did a very nice job!
  • Thank you to everyone for all you have done to help with our swimming schedule. People have shown a lot of flexibility the past two weeks.
  • Thanks to each and everyone of you as we head into this last week before vacation. We all know that behaviors can really escalate during this time. We have children who have had their parents incarcerated recently, have lost a parent or family member recently, or who just really count on our school for the love and support they need. Just the excitement and stress that the holidays can cause will be a lot for some of our children to deal with. Thanks for being their champion, their cheerleader, and for caring so much about each and everyone of them.

The Schedule!

  • 7:35--RtI--Chris, Debby, Kris, Susan, Deb, Christi, Keith
  • 8:50--Kris in observation
  • 1:30--Kris and Christie in a meeting
  • 2:30--Pow Wow
  • 3:15--Ornament Exchange
Tuesday--12/15 Staff Luncheon in Room 106 Sponsored by the PTO
  • Grade Level/Department Meetings--Please take time to review some of the tips and tools you learned about during your Expert Group collaboration. Also, please be sure someone is turning in your minutes after each meeting.


Jim McMillan is here today! Hooray!!

  • 7:35--SMART Start--Another week to focus on Technology! Thanks, Brigette! She will be sending out new information through our Google classroom.
  • 10:00--Instructional Coaches' Meeting
  • 11:30--ACR
  • 12:45--ACR
  • 3:30--Speech Case Conference


  • 7:40--ACR
  • Dudes and Donuts!!
  • 8:20--ACR
  • 9:00--ACR
  • 9:00--American Legion will bring in the treats for students!
  • 9:45--ACR
  • 10:30--ACR
  • 11:15--ACR
  • 2:15--ACR
  • K-Kids and Countdown Club after school tonight
  • Christmas Spirit Wear Today!
  • Staff Lunch will be ready by 10:45! Enjoy!

Extended Break Procedures

With the two week break, please be reminded that all electrical things need to be unplugged or have the power strip turned off. The only exception to this is that we do not want anyone climbing up to unplug things, so items like projectors, TV's, etc. may stay plugged in if that is the case. Also, all refrigerators will be unplugged during this period of time except the one in the office, as we have a few student items that we have to keep in the freezer for students with food allergies. Make sure you have everything removed from the refrigerators. Custodians will be throwing things away that are still in there,
Project-Based Learning--Toy Designers!

What makes a great toy? Students will have to answer that question as they become toy designers. They will review the history of toys including the major sensations (from "Tickle Me Elmo!" to Zhu-Zhu Pets to Silly Bands).