Bone Quest for the spark No. 2

In the book it says that in the begining of the world there was a dragon that raped it's self around earth and had her tail in her mouth. Many other dragons were born and became the dreaming and the real. But one day the natche took over her and turned her bad so the dreaming turned her to stone.

Tom Elm, and the bone adventurers are on there way to try to find another piece of the spark. The Nachet comes in the form of humans and partners up with the rat creatures. Tom also finds some new friends, bears! They go into a hive of huge bees in search of another chunk of the spark. Will Tom and his friends make it out of the hive alive or will he fled from the hive and let the Nachet put everyone and everything into an endless sleep.

In the passage I am reading Randolf is doubting the costumes that Abby, Barclay, Smelly, and Al were making. Tom got angry that randolf