North Carolina, Arizona, and Kentucky

North Carolina

I will never forget the time when I went to North Carolina with my friend. When we got there we were so surprised of what we saw for the first time ever! The weather was beautiful ,but sometimes it rained. Surprisingly we drove there and it took 18 hours to get there. The next morning we went on a drive to check everything out. We saw the Atlantic ocean, tall houses, and different looking stores.

Our hotel was beautiful! It had a nice pool, nice rooms, and nice people. The people in North Carolina were very nice to one another. They had an accent and thought that Wisconsin people had an New Jersey accent. Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean was lots of fun! We saw a huge crab that was chasing us on the beach and we touched a dead baby shark and a horseshoe crab. At night when we were driving to our hotel there were three deer standing in the road not moving one muscle when they saw us. It was like they were not afraid of anything.


My experience in Arizona was so much fun! When we got into Arizona all we saw were cactuses and very dry dirt everywhere. It was so humid. When we got to my mom's cousin's house it was really nice. His house was made of nice brick and on the inside it was huge. He had 2 dogs that love to play and swim with you in his backyard. When we went out for dinner,since we were from Wisconsin we got to try cooked cactus! It tasted funky but otherwise it wasn't bad. The was absolute no grass in Arizona except for fake grass. When the sun was going down after awhile there was a beautiful sunset that I have never seen before! I had such a fun time with my family and hopefully more comes.


Its funny thinking about our first family get away when my family was younger. My moms best friend lives in Kentucky and we go there once every year. They were born on the same day but in different states. We have had some fun times going there but the first time we went was really fun. My mom best friend Misty had 700 animals at her house but she lived on a farm with lots of land. She had about 50 to 100 horses and had 300 different types of dogs she had found on roads or abandoned places. She also had goats but one of her goats was very mean and vicious. At one point when we were there out of the blue the ram was in their house wrecking everything like glass, wood doors, and everything else.

When my family and I was up there we had cow tongue and my mom told me it was something else. When we could go swimming there was a lake down the road behind a huge hill at a dead end. When my brother was younger he was such a dare devil. One day when we were going swimming at the lake my brother had a blue Moped and he drove it down the hill as fast as he could right into the lake and it was funny because it sank. I hope that we could have another fun family trip again!