Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

jasmine z

Place of birth

Inglewood , CA

Date of birth

September 26, 1934

Interesting facts about this author's childhood

  • She had a normal childhood. She later lived within Southern California until the year 1942.
  • She and her family had spent next 3 years in the camp. The purpose was to attempt to live a normal life even tho it is behind barbed wire. It became troublesome because they lived in very troublesome life having no freedom.

Places where this author lived & how each place influenced them

  • The youngest of four boys and six girls, moved with her family to Ocean Park in 1936. Jeanne recalled the pier as a magical place, "my nursery school, the amusement attendants my sitters."

How did she become inspired to write

She was a prisioner in an internment camp and that inspired her to tell her story.