ABC's to the End of the Year

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The teacher's of Peachtree Academy put our heads together and came up with a great way to celebrate the last days of school. Each day we will celebrate a different letter of the alphabet in unique ways.

Peachtree Academy’s ABC’s To The End Of The Year Countdown

Friday April 18th

– A – Art Day – recreate a famous work of art

Monday April 21st

– B – Book Buddies – read a book with a buddy

Tuesday April 22nd

– C – Career Day – dress or bring props to show a job you may enjoy

Wednesday April 23rd

– D – Dance Off – dance off in the gym

Thursday April 24th

– E – Experiment Day – experiment with Science

Friday April 25th

– F – Friday Fun Day – Teacher’s Choice

Monday April 28th

– G – Game Day – bring your favorite board game to play with friends

Tuesday April 29th

– H – Hat Day – wear your favorite hat

Wednesday April 30th

– I – Ice Cream Day – enjoy ice cream and toppings

Thursday May 1st

– J – Jump Off – jump rope fun

Friday May 2nd

– K – Karaoke – karaoke in the gym

Monday May 5th

– L – Letter Day – write a letter to next year’s class

Tuesday May 6th

– M – Mystery Day – Can you solve the mystery?

Wednesday May 7th

– N – Nightime – wear your pajamas

Thursday May 8th

– O – Opposite Day – everything is backwards

Friday May 9th

– P – Puzzle Day – bring your favorite puzzle

Monday May 12th

– Q – Queen Day – treat your teacher like a queen

Tuesday May 13th

– R – Read a Poem Day – read and write poems

Wednesday May 14th

– Silly Sock Day – wear your silly socks

Thursday May 15th

– T – Team Day – wear something to support your favorite team

Friday May 16th

– U – USA Day – wear red, white, and blue

Monday May 19th

– V – Video Day – watch a video your teacher has chosen

Tuesday May 20th

– W – Water Day – more info to come

Wednesday May 21st

– X – eXchange Autographs Day – sign your friend’s yearbook

Thursday May 22nd

– Y – Year End Cleaning – clean out your desk

Friday May 23rd

– Z – Zip up your book bag and Zoom out of here