Vera Bradley

Sophia Spurlock

Founder and Co-Founders of Vera Bradley

Barbara Bradley Baekgaard is one of the two co-founders of Vera bradley. Together with her friend Patricia, they were able to make the original founder's, Barbara's late mother, American dream come true. Together they have created more feminine styled luggage, hand bags, accessories, and more in order to accomplish the dream.

About the Founder

Veronica Bradley was the original founder of the well known company Vera Bradley. She was born August 9, 1909 and her life was always full of fun and very colorful. When she was younger, she was chosen by Elizabeth Arden to model her clothes and would later work for the Vera Bradley Company as a sales representative until she passed in the early 1990's. Born and raised in the USA, Veronica Bradley helped inspire the classical and graceful style of the Vera Bradley merchandise we know today.


Founded in 1982 and named after the late Veronica Bradley, the Vera Bradley company has been going strong. Their company headquarters is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and is now run by Patricia and Barbara. Together they continue to create new patterns and different styles of handbags and luggages. "If you have an idea, run with it. don't think twice, just go with it like I did."- Barbara Bradley.