Sea Life and Trade

Greece Sea and Trade Life

Where the trade happended

Most places in Greece were less then 100 miles away from the sea and many cities were built directly on the coast so they had easy access to trade by sea. The trade took place on many different Sea like the Ionian, Aegean, Mediterranean, and the Black sea. Most of the coasts were very long. Almost every trading station was on the water.

What the Ancient Greeks Land Made them Trade for

The Greeks had too little fertile soil to grow grain so they had to import large quantities from abroad. They also imported wood slaves, wool, precious metals, wine, olive oil, salt, fish sauce, exotic animals, and lots more. Greece was mostly covered with mountains.

Ancient Greece

Why they made ships

The Greeks became skilled shipbuilders and sailors

they build sailing ships for trade they also made rowing ships for fighting. They also became skilled fisher men.

Who the Greeks associated with

Traded with people all over the known world, but here are some examples like the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Persians and others. They mostly traded with people from the Meditran Sea, and the Black Sea.
Sea Trade