Operation Barbarossa

Kevin Diehm

Operation Barbarossa

Hitler's force moved into Russia and the Ukraine along an 1800 mile front, trying to take the most strategic points. The Famous Battle for Stalingrad took place during Operation barbarossa
  • Who - Joseph Stalin Leader of The Soviet Union and Adolf Hitler Leader of Germany
  • What - Operation Barbarossa and Germany's defeat
  • When - Operation Barbarossa took place from 1940 to 1944
  • Where - Hitler's forces invaded the USSR and Ukraine
  • Why - Hitler wanted the USSR for Germany's growing population

Vassili Zaitsev

A famous Russian Sniper, credited for killing 225 German soldiers during the Battle of Stalingrad, rewarded the Hero of The Soviet Union, and The Order of Lenin medals

Adolf Hitler

Hitler used the same strategy to capture Russia as Napoleon did, he copied it almost exactly.

Cause and Effect

Hitler wanted Russia and the Ukraine for Germany's growing population, He started the Operation in 1940. Hitler's invasion force, often called the most powerful in the world was defeated by the USSR in 1942 and soon after Hitler's reign came to an end