Katlyn McLawhorn November 3rd 1998

"Make good art." - Neil Gaiman

1. Introduction

Hi! My name's Katlyn McLawhorn, and I'm sixteen years old from Blythewood, South Carolina and I moved from Blythewood to Elgin when I was small. I have only ever lived in South Carolina. My mom is originally from California and my dad is also from South Carolina.
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Characteristic - Creative

  1. I write poems and stories.
  2. In my free time I draw.


My hobbies include:

  1. Playing the ukulele
  2. Photography
  3. I like to read


1998 - I was born. / In Russia, the last czar was buried.

2003 - I got my pet cat Bam Bam. / The invasion of Iraq

2008 - I became invested in drawing and was enthusiastic about learning how to draw different things. / Obama was elected president.

2013 - I went to my first concert. / Nelson Mandela dies at 95

1968 - My mom was born. / Madagascar gained independence

1966 - My dad was born. / Berlin Wall was being constructed around this time

1978 - My mom moved from Florida to South Carolina. / US troops invade Cambodia

1986 - My mom and dad got married. / US troops invade Panama


In the future, I plan to go to an arts college that's out of state. I haven't decided on a career yet, but getting a job as a graphic design artist or working in animation would be pretty cool.