Eportfolio By Asad Shafique


This portfolio is created so that I can be guided into capturing my short term and long-term goals.

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."

-Tony Robbins

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

-Zig Ziglar

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In the picture

On the left is me, next is my mom, my older brother and then my twin.

About Me

I was born Houston Texas but I call New York City my hometown since I lived there the longest. I have also lived in Seattle, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and Cape Town when I was very little. I have two brothers one being a twin. I love screenwriting and filmmaking and I have already started developing a story for a miniseries with the help of a friend back in New York City.

Quality World

People around me:

  • who love arts
  • journalists
  • creative people
  • comedic people
  • hard workers
  • optimistic people

Things I want to own

  • Apartment in New York City
  • Production/film studio

I want to experience

  • Winning a oscar for best screenplay
  • Buying my mom a house

Ideals and systems: Any belief anyone is open. Believing what they wantl. Except any form of violence or killing.



Short-term= Maintain a high gpa for my two years here at Northlake.

Long-term= To go to New York University and double major in dramatic writing and Journalism.

- I will achieve these goals by making sure I study and be on top of my grades.


Short-term= Finish developing my story for my mini series with a friend.

Long-term= Being a establish screenwriter and storyteller.

- Making time every night to develop my stories and stay away from writer's block.


Short-term= Gaining experience in writing sports pieces.

Long-term= Writing for a prestigious news oultet about he social impacts sports has on us.

- Work with a mentor who can help me with my writing.


My work vark is actually two things. It is Kinesthetic and aural learner.

My MBTI is ENFJ which means I am responsive and responsible and also care what people think of me.

My strength quest

- Strengths: Innovation, Purpose, Resourcefulness, curiosity and leadership

- Weakness: Teamwork

My multiple intelligence top two are interpersonal and Bodily Kinesthetic.

I have started to use all of the results into my studying plan and have seen very good consistent progress. Things I have done differently is starting to run while I read my textbook.

The assessment that I have done that greatly reflects me is the Vark assessment. The reason is because I learn and study better when I'm moving and not just sitting there. So when I do any kind of studying or learning I make sure I either do some physical movement or just move my knee back and forward.


Going into EDUC and even college I didn't realize how big critical thinking is big part of me and others. I learned I can get a lot of a simple statement or sentence. If I can take my time on one sentence I can think of the different ways what this statement is trying to tell me.

In my mass communication we had to choose our own way of writing notes. I decided to use the regular outline system while only writing key points or words and thats it. I felt It had more accuracy, logic, and clarity among some of the critical thinking points.


Research Question: How does factory farming affect global warming?

During the project I learned how important it is to have a credible resources to back up your essay, because back in High School I would only use wikipedia as my source. T.R.A.A.P really helped because it sorted out the weak sources and the strong sources.

Annotated Bib:

Annotated Bibliography

Ronnie Commins Jan. 21, 2013 09:22AM EST (How Factory Farming Contributes to Global Warming) http://www.ecowatch.com/how-factory-farming-contributes-to-global-warming-1881690535.html

This article written by Ronnie Commins is about the affects factory farming on the Earth using facts and data to draw a conclusion for the future. This article also shows the benefits if we have different ways to deliver our meat to the people.

“A growing number of organic consumers, natural health advocates and climate hawks are taking a more comprehensive look at the fundamental causes of global warming. And its led them to this sobering conclusion: our modern energy-, chemical- and genetically modified organism (GMO)-intensive industrial food and farming systems are the major cause of man-made global warming.”

Final Reflection

My experience in creating this portfolio was very nice. It reminded me of the new techniques to use while in college to further my education and also retain that information easily. During EDUC and with the help of MBTI test I understand I can work with a team and some cases be the leader when there is no leadership. To be honest, I didn't even know what a quality world was before I walked in to this class. But my understanding of this topic has grew the moment I walked in to this class.

I have now taken full responsibility with education. My parents aren't over my head about assignments and tests and it's on me to deliver so I can make myself proud and the people around proud.

One behavior I will be taking with me is to start my assignments early and finish them early. I believe this is most useful because I had to do this kind of technique in this class because it was a fast track class.