Foreign Language Career Exploration

Marine Biologist

Career description

A marine biologist is a scientist who works with marine life. Marine biologists will have to travel all around the world for research. This carrer involves foreign language skills because you travel to diffrent countries, and you need to communicate with other scientists, or citizens. An advantage is seeing many beautiful places and research many interesting animals. Dangers include being hurt by marine life, getting in a ship wreck, or being in a submarine that stops working and will not surface. many of these things don't happen and can be avoided by proprer training and preparedness.

Education and Salary

To be a Marine Biologist, you need a degree in marine biology, but your undergraduate degree can be in biology, zoology, fisheries, or another animal science. Some schools offer marine biology degrees. Two of those are Michigan State University and the University of Minnesota. The base entry salary for being a Marine Biologist is between $30,000 to $110,000 a year depending on what your job is.


Marine Biologist in Action

Marine Biologists

These Marine Biologists are taking samples and notes of the marine life and water conditions in the particular area they are in.