1st Bull Run

Battle of The Civil War

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  • Date: July 21, 1861
  • The signiface is that is shows neither side is ready for war and it will not be over quickly
  • Union General was Irivin McDowell and Confederacy Generals were Beauregard and Thomas J. Jackson
  • The outcome of the war was a Confederacy win and an estimated 4,700 total casualties
  • Stonewall Jackson got his name during this war from General Barand Bee who said look at Jackson standing there, "like a stone wall."
  • Stonewall was shot by one of his own men, and died later due to complications with the injury
  • The rebel yell (yelling while advancing forward) would become infamous among Union troops

Reasons I Choose These Pictures...

  • I choose these pictures to represent the battle. The three pictures above shows the three generals of the Union and Confederacy armies. The picture below shows how they marched into the Battle of Bull Run. Lastly, the picture at the very top shows the men fighting each other in the battle.
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