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News & Notes

- All library books are due Monday.

- Teachers do not need to post lesson plans to DRIVE for the last two weeks. Have lesson plans readily available in your classrooms.

- The Staff of the Year Social will be Tuesday, May 17 at 2:45.

- We have a faculty meeting for SACS purposes on Wednesday from 2:45 until 3:30. Wednesday will be a FREE JEANS DAY.

- PreK-2 Field Day is Thursday.

- 3-5 Field Day is Friday.

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- Lab 510 will be closed for moving on the last week of school.

- The Bulloch Co. School Reading Carnival is Saturday, May 21 at SHS. We'll begin making some announcements next week about that.

- 3rd Grade has a field trip to Oatland Island on May 23.

- The end of year AR party is May 24.

- Honors Night is May 24 at 6:30pm at SHS.

- 1st Grade has a field trip to the Raptor Center on May 25.

- Kindergarten is hosting a baby shower for Meg Hill on May 25 from 7-8am.

- 2nd Grade goes to Splash on May 26.

- The final recognition ceremony is at 8:30am on May 27 which is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Room Packing & Moving May 31-June 1 - Updated!


1) All student desks, chairs, teacher desk, book cases, and furniture will be moved into the hall. We will buy several sets of furniture slides for each hall.

2) Leave computer tables and computers.

3) Walls should be free from posters, signs, etc. You do not have to remove hot glue, but expect them to paint over it if you do not remove it.

4) Cover Smartboard, projector and student computers with plastic bags.

Help Schedule:

1) K/PreK parapros will help in their rooms.

2) Grade level parapros will help on their grade level.

3) Bishop & Thomas - 1st grade, Burton & Beck - 2nd grade, R. Lewis & Hennessy- 3rd grade, Jones - 4th grade, Reagan - 5th grade, Cribbs, Ware, Ponder help each other then go to 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades, Harville - Kindergarten, Scott, Rountree, Aycock - Labs, E. Miller - 200 Hall, Kirkland - 300 Hall, Hines - 400 Hall/art/music, Chester - 500 hall.

Expect more directions and updates.

Friday Funny Paper

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