My Heart is on the Ground

author Ann Rinaldi By Rainey Tooker

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story plot

Exposition:The story takes place in Pennsylvania after Nannie Little Rose went

to Carlisle Indian school. The main characters are Nannie Little Rose,Pretty Eagle Belle

Rain Water.Nannie little rose is struggling with her new life learning the white peoples ways like manners and English.

Text Evidence:"Time to right now how I come to be at this place called Carlisle in the land of Pennsylvania.p.12

Rising Action:Nannie Little Rose is jealous of her best friend because her best friend has great blood and a spirit helper.Nannie Little Rose is looking for her spirit helper .But one night she had a rapid dream and that dream had her spirit helper in it .The next day she found that same mouse in her dream in the kitchen hungry ,so she fed the mouse then her enemy walked in and saw Nannie Little Rose feeding the mouse .

CLIMAX:Then one day Nannie Little Rose realized that mouse was her spirit helper she was so excited that morning she went to school and she was so happy until her enemy killed her spirit helper.Nannie Little Rose was as sad as if you lost your dog.

And to make it even worse her best friend have died ,so she dashed through the kitchen grabbed a knife and sliced herself and her hair just at very moment her enemy walked in and grabbed Nannie Little Roses wrist just before Nannie Little Rose slashed her own face.

Falling Action:When Nannie Little Rose brother is telling everyone he needs money to go to a place with a teacher .But he gets money but he is actally planing to run away with his best friend. But after that his sister ends up bringing him back and he's cold he's soaking wet and ended up in that sittuation where you have no where to go just another dumb mistake ,everyone makes.

Donument :After the story ends she is perswaded by Red Road to be a Pilgrim but at first she does not want to.She fought fought till she couldn't fight no more.So she took the offer to be a pilgrim ,no longer a Sioux girl.

Conflict:The conflict is man vs himself I think so because Nannie Little Rose has just lost her best friend and her spirit helper.

Four Facts: Native people were often invisible to their neighbors unless they were seen demonstrating Indian crafts , speaking Indian languages ,or performing in stereotypical Indian costume. Most Northeastern Native people living at the turn of the twentieth century had adapted elements of white culture along side traditional customs and belifs . In the west, settelers , speculators and the United States government dissposed Native people of millions of acres of traditional homeland and vital recources. The Hampton Institute in Virginia was founded in 1868 to educate freedman after the civil war .

Historical time period Well the historical time period gives the story a view back in time when the Indians had to be like the pilgrims and where fancy dresses and heavy shoes.

Character Analyse Nannie Little Rose is kind ,caring ,smart Belle Rain Water is rude,jealous,jerk .