Chrome Book Distribution Night

For grades 7 and 8

Tuesday, September 4th from 6-8 pm at HB

Students will receive the same chrome book they used last year. Before receiving a chrome book all insurance fees and damage fees must be paid in full and all insurance paperwork must be signed by both the student and a guardian.

Insurance Paperwork

Insurance paperwork can be accessed online at ENGLISH LINK and SPANISH LINK or at the school.

Student and guardian signatures are required in TWO places.

Insurance Cost

Insurance costs $20 per year. The chrome book remains property of Red Clay Consolidated School District and is not owned by the student or family. Without a $20 payment students are not able to take the device off of school property.

Payment can be made on PayPam (please bring your receipt) or paid by cash or check at the school.

Funds are available to help families in need. Please contact Dr. Newton for assistance.

Insurance Coverage

The insurance covers one repair for accidental damage OR replacement of one stolen chrome book when a police report has been filed and brought to the school. Lost or stolen chrome books will be disabled by the district so that they are no longer usable.

*There is a $50 fee for each accidental damage repair after the one free repair.

*Intentional damage is not covered by insurance and the student/family can be held responsible for the full cost of replacement.

*Software issues are repaired for free unless the damage is due to mistreatment of the chrome book.

Student Responsibility

Students are required to bring their chrome book to school charged each morning. Replacement or extra chargers are available for purchase in the library, or can be bought by the family at many local or online stores.

Students should see Mrs. Delgado or their grade level administrator if they are unable to charge their chrome book each night and bring it to school each day. A plan will be made to help each student be successful.

* STUDENTS WHO DO NOT BRING THEIR CHROMEBOOK TO SCHOOL more than three times in a given month will receive one day of after school detention for each day they do not bring their chrome book.

*STUDENTS WHO DO NOT CHARGE THEIR CHROMEBOOK AT HOME and need to charge at school more than three times in a given month will receive one day of lunch detention for each day they do not have their chrome book charged.

*Students who drop off their chrome book for repair will be issued a short term loaner chrome book to be used until their chrome book is repaired. The loaner is subject to the same insurance rules as their regular chrome book.