Digital Footprint Survival Guide

Anthony and Destiny story's by Emin7G

What is a Digital Footprint?

You're Digital Footprint is a trail you leave on the internet of what you have been doing online and anyone can follow you're trail this is why its good to be safe on the internet and to leave a good trail.

This guide was created to teach others to stay safe online and leave a good trail/footprint and these storys could help others to stay safe.

Anthony's Story

Anthony1: Anthony got in trouble when him and his friend made a group called we hate Jackie on the internet and other people started joining it.Jackie went to the principal and the principal confronted Anthony and his friend and they both got their internet privileges taken away

Anthony2: Anthony was staying up all night long gaming and goes to bed around 12-4PM and got caught because he was sleeping in class and the teacher called Anthony's mom and his mom disconnects his game at 11PM and threatened to take it away if his grades didn't improve.

Anthony3:Anthony's dad is a graphic designer and got a new computer and Anthony ruined it by downloading movies,music,games and now Anthony does extra chores and his parents put parental codes on stuff he attempts to download.

Destiny's Story

Destiny1: Destiny was at a water park and took crazy pictures of her and her friends and posted them online in Bathing suits and now all of there parents are mad at them all.Also

Destiny now has a stalker looking at a picture of her and its been viewed over 1000 times.

Destiny2: Destiny invented a fake person named shanaya to make fun of people online also to trick another student named bobby at there school who liked Shanaya and someone went to the teachers and they got busted.