Chocolate Cooking Class

Wednesday's @ 7pm. New Recipes every week!

How much do you really love chocolate?

Do you love it as much as we do? Is that even possible? If you are a chocolate fiend like ourselves you will love the Wednesday Chocolate club. In a state of the art kitchen classroom we learn how to make delectable sweets ranging from brownies to mousse to everything in between.

Enough for you, Enough for your family

Each week you'll leave with not only a smile on your face, but a bag filled with delicious goodies to save or share. All of our treats can be made in under an hour so you can bring them home to enjoy!

Guaranteed to be Delicious and Fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Each class is $30.00 Which includes baking supplies, instruction, and take home treats! Or you can sign up monthly, which costs 90$! this saves you 30$ or one free class per month! Call to inquire.

What if I have any allergies?

If you have any allergies please call to inquire if our upcoming recipe is allergy free. If there is a recipe you would really like to try and it is not allergy free, for a +7$ charge we can help make it personal towards you! Our recipes are chosen four weeks in advance!