Curfews keep teens out of trouble?

by Skylar Leibold

Teens and curfews-

I think that a lot of teens can do a lot in the amount of time given before curfew. It definitely can figure out if you are home late or if if you got into trouble. I do not think that it necessarily keeps teens out of trouble. Parents are probably very worried about there kid if they do not come home on time or if you don't know were they are.

Teens and Parents-

A google search says, "Teens having curfews is a good idea but at the same time, an unreasonable curfew can lead kids to believe their parents do not trust them and they may even try to sneak out of the house." I agree with that totally I have a sixteen year old step brother that likes to go out and hang with his friends. My step dad gave him a curfew of nine o'clock curfew, he was starting to wonder if his dad didn't trust him.