The Raft Research

By: Emely Pacheco

Before the plane crash

When the plane crashed, Robie was spending her time at her aunt AJ's house. AJ lets her do anything and she gave permission to let her get her noise pierced. Her aunt AJ got a phone call to go to Los Angeles. While she left Robie by herself with someone taking care of her once in a while her name was Bobbi. When AJ left Robie she spent her time watching tv and going out to buy food for dinner and while she was coming back from buying her food this man came up to her and grabbed her by her hair calling her Lucy. She was so frightened and scared she decided to head back to Midway. The next morning she went to the airport looking for Suzanne but she didn't see her instead. There was a new co-pilot that was there that took over Suzanne while she was sick. She got on the plane and took a long nap. After she woke up from her long nap she saw that the plane was shaky, things were falling off she was terrified. Someone was saying that it was just the turbulence and too keep calm. But Robie couldn't calm down she was to terrified that she wanted someone to tell her that everything was okay and that someone could tell her something worse than being in a plane crash. While she was looking out the window she saw the turbulence stop completely she was terrified. She saw that one of the engine stopped.

In the Ocean

The co-pilot was pulling out a yellow raft. The co-pilot told Robie to put on something and the next thing she knew she was jumping off the plane. She hated to be in the ocean. When she landed in the water she kicked and kicked until she found the raft she was stuck but suddenly she felt her hair getting yanked and the next she knew they were on the raft. Once she was on the raft she saw the G-1 fall into the ocean what ran through her mind was that the G-1 was gone. Max was calling out for Larry but they had no luck he was dead or at the bottom of the ocean. The rest of the day Max was sleeping and sleeping. Max had a concussion when he was on the plane. Robie was sitting there on the raft. Max was sleeping and sleeping so I didn't bug him. The raft was getting filled up with water so I took Max out then Robie was close to a reef and put her hands out and the only she felt was sand.

On the Island/to the end

Once they hit the reef she thought she was dead but she wasn't the only thing she felt was that her eye was swollen and pain all around her body. She went and around the island she saw a big Hawaiian Monk Seal that was all chewed up. It's flippers were half chewed. Robie couldn't stand there and looking at because the seal was dying and she couldn't do anything about it. Even though they could rescue her they couldn't heal the seal so she got a big long thing and smacked really hard. The next thing she knew she killed the seal she sat there looking at. After minutes passed the baby seal came looking for her mother. Robie felt sad because she said that if she killed the mother she should kill the baby seal. Baby seal was whimpering because the mommy seal was dead. After the Baby seal left Robie couldn't deal with the seal being out in the open so she decides to bury it in the sand. The water went on top of the buried seal. My eyes were shocked because the tiger shark was there eating the leftovers of the seal. Later Robie went to pick up the lighters there was a lot of them so had to go through all of them and see if it had fluid so it can be a signal if she hears a plane or a boat. The suit was eaten by a tiger shark. She was scared she really wanted Max but she finally have to confirm that he was dead she just didn't want to be alone so she kept it to her self that he was alive but he was dead since the day that she took Max out of the raft. She saw the baby seal and named it Starbucks it was the only thing she had and she didn't want to lose her companion. The next few days were okay. Starbucks was tangled in the net she was tangled she went back on the island looking for something sharp. She came back and started cutting. The seal stopped whimpering and moving around. The Starbucks was dead. The days went by and she thought she was imagining things she saw a NOAA ship. She got rescued and took back on the ship and she wasn't going to return to Midway.

Text to Self

This story reminds me of my parents when they were migrating from El Salvador to the United States. It took them 2 months or less than 2 months to get to the United States. They took days to eat they could barely sleep at night because they had to wake up early and keep going until they came to the United States. Once they made it to the United States they went to Virginia it took them another month to get settled. Thats when they had me, and they settled in New York.

Text To Text

The Raft reminds me of the Hunger Games. They had nothing to eat for days. Like in the raft they didn't have no food or water so they got dehydrated just like in the Hunger Games.

When the man yanked Robie's hair it reminded me of a scary book I read when a girl and a boy were kidnapped when this man came up to them and pulled into the car and kidnapped them.

Text To World

I have seen on the news about plane crashes during bad weather or a malfunction from the airplane that crashes in the ocean or they disappear quickly or crash on land.

It also reminds me how Robie was stranded on the island and it reminds me of how when there was a plane crash that the people were stranded on the island and they were not rescued until days later.