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December 15-18

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Thank you so much for encouraging your child to contribute to our service learning project! Today we walk over to Target to do some shopping.

On Friday we had a lengthy discussion on how to divide the money into a family of five, sales tax, and fairness. Students then met in groups to shop prices and deals on line for clothes and toys. Many students shared that it was the best math lesson! Real life application of math while helping a deserving military family.

Thank you to the parent helpers who will walk with us and help monitor students today.

Snack at Target: If your child would like to purchase a snack, they may bring a bag or envelope marked with their name. They are to hold on to this money. If you would rather bring your snack from home, you may do so.


We continue with Module 3 and take a mid module test on Thursday.

  • Statements of Order in the Real World
  • Ordered Pairs
  • Locating Ordered Pairs ont he Coordinate Plane

Please continue to have your child carefully study homework notes and practice sets.

Lightning Thief

We dive deeper into Lighting Thief and track Percy as a hero. We also read the myth, Promethius, and reread Cronus, and note how they qualify as myths according to the text we read about the patterns found in myths.


No more roots until 2015!

Our friendly roots competition was rescheduled for this Thursday.


Each Monday your child will closely read and respond to a poem and then complete comprehension questions. Today's poem is "Watching a Garden Grow."

Edmodo/ Response to Literature

Each day there will be an Edmodo assignment that pertains to language arts. Most often, the prompt is a response to literature.

Social Studies

Students did an excellent job on presenting a Greek god, goddess, or mythological creature last week. We continue to learn more about this interesting topic through history and literature. We make connections to some of the names mentioned in Lightning Thief.

Student Council

Congratulations to Ally and Antonia. They are our Student Council representatives. Nice speeches, ladies!

Class Party

Our class party is this Thursday. It will be from 1:00-2:20. We will enjoy refreshments, make crafts, and have a book exchange. The students are excited!

Students received book assignments last Friday. Please bring wrapped books in by Wednesday, December 17. Thank you.

Have a wonderful winter break!

Coming Up

December 15- Walking field trip to Target

December 18- Class party with book exchange

December 19- No School for Students

December 19-January 2 Winter Break

January 5- Back to school

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