Sugar, sugar how you get so free?

Jessica Steed

A new type of sugar dramatically reduces the amount of calories in cupcakes.

Scientists have discovered a new type of sugar that reduces the amount of calories in cupcakes, while still keeping that sweet and savory sensation of fluffy cake and icing that we all love. Many cupcake shops, such as Rise Cupcakes, have already tested this new sugar in their recipes and have stated that their cupcakes still taste sweet, but with half of the calories.

Harmful bacteria found in Oak Farms' Milk

Thousands of people across the U.S. are complaining of severe allergic reactions to Oak Farms' Whole Milk. Scientists have found a harmful bacteria in the milk, which is currently being recalled in all grocery stores. There have been no traces of this bacteria in Oak Farms' 1% milk.

Thousands move out of Friendswood

In the last few months, Friendswood, TX has seen a significant decrease in its population. Thousands are moving out of Friendswood to find jobs. While this has been a gradual decrease, if the population keeps going down the way it has, Friendswood's economy will begin to collapse.

Friendswood incomes going downhill

Since the huge population decrease over a year ago, Friendswood citizens' income has decreased immensely. There are just not enough people to carry out jobs. The people who are left are having to cut back on spending if they want to continue living in Friendswood.

Tons of oil discovered in the greater Houston Bay Area

A few weeks ago, there was a miraculous discovery of oil in the greater Houston Bay Area. Because of the United States' need for oil right now, the oil industry in this area is expected to dramatically increase over the next few months. The population is already increasing in this area and is expected to keep increasing at rapid rates.