Prisoner B-3087

By Alan Gratz

Book Summary

Prisoner B-3087 is a great fictional book about a boy named Yanek. He is just a little 12 year old boy when he is sent to the ghetto of Krakow. He has to go through horrible pain and watches terrifying executions. The Nazis treat the Jews like animals, packing them in to tight boxcars while sending them to different concentration camps. If you did not work you were killed. Some Jews in concentration camps were muselmann, it is a Jew who has given up his will to survive and is just waiting to die.

Yanek is the last of his family, but he does not give up. He works hard in the concentration camps. Nazis wanted him there for work. They would take baby Jews, toss them in the air, and shoot them because the Nazis didn't want to deal with babies. Yanek basically sees it all, hangings, shootings, and people being burned. But he still has the determination to survive. Will he become a muselmann or will he do whatever it takes to survive?

What is the genre of the book?

This is a fiction book

Who would like this book

People who like a lot of death in a book would love this book. It is filled with a ton of gory parts


I give this book 5-5 stars

Three Facts

1. When a Jew turns 13 he has his Bar Mitzvah

2. If you did not work, you would be shot in concentration camps

3.The British were allies with the Americans