Dr. Seuss

by: Adam


''you'll miss the best thing if you keep you eyes shut.'' so do you know who Dr.Seuss is he a famous children book writer

Child hood

Dr.Suess real name is Theodore Robert then when when he was 9 years old he started to like drawing so then Dr. Seuss went to college and signed up for a lot of art class. Then when he got the hang of drawing cartoons he dropped out of college to follow his dream of become a cartoon book writer.


When Dr.Seuss was 15 he was drinking beer then he got caught by the cop and brought him all the way to new York city and went to court and he proved his rights and got out of jail. Then he stayed in new York and became a children book and he got rejected 27 times before he finally got published by: vanguard press in 1937. And got married in 1941 with Helen and had no kids.

Time line

Dr. Seuss was born in Massachusetts Springfield then 82 years went past and Dr.Suess died in 1991 new yourk city and Dr.Suess wife died in 1985 and there graves site in Dr.Seuss library.

His friend

His friend is Walter retan because Walter always made Him feel good and also cheer him up in hard times.


- Artist

- Wrote over 50 books

- Got his book translated over 15 different languages

- Sold over 200 million copies of the cat in the hat


Caldecott medal, Laura Ingalls wilder medal and Regina medal