Why should you learn Proper Typing?

Try It!


* Today, efficient computer and keyboard skills are a big thing to have when it comes to certain jobs or applications.

Suppose you are doing a school project on typing. You may want to get it done faster, a better way of doing that is, of course, learning how to type faster then your normal speed.


You may ask "Why is this so important in everyday life" Well here are some examples:

  • Get things done faster.
  • You learn more faster.
  • Employers are more likely to hire an experienced touch typist than a hunt and peck typist, simply for efficiency.
  • It may be a fun thing to try.
  • Your hand might get really painful if you don't have good posture.


Typing can do many great things for you!

Good typing/posture is important because it can reduce both dynamic and static loads you place on your muscles. Also It's important to have good posture while typingbecause bending your wrist while typing can cause nerve problems and we don't want that!


When you have good posture it takes away the strain that you might have or the pain. You may realize when you lay down and lift your head up to see, that your neck will start to hurt, or back. This happens when you don't have a very good posture. Same with siting up! If you sit up with not a very good posture you neck and back will start to hurt. It will keep your bones and joints in proper alignment. This prevents strains and overuse.
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