Evaluation Question 4

Final Cut Pro

I had only used Final Cut Pro once with Beth to create the recording bit over the video footage from my laptop in our trailer. We used this because it was a feature we wanted to experiment with and use the effects iMovie didn't have to offer. I did not know how to use it at start- and still do not know fully how to, however, I am glad we used this in a part of our trailer because it gave an effect we couldn't use on iMovie.

Photoshop CS6

I have used Photoshop CS6 throughout the process of my poster and magazine because I am experienced and have knowledge of tools from learning in my AS year. Due to the experience from last year, and knowing more this year, it hasn't taken me as long at it did last year to create my products which can show how I have developed and progressed from AS year to A2. This software has helped me this year in the process of the magazine and poster as I kept going back to it improving each time and learning something more advanced throughout the process.


iMovie was a software I had some knowledge on from my AS year as I used this to put my 'iShowu' voice threads on, so I only had minimalistic skills on how to use this. This software was used to create our trailer, we also decided to use 'Final cut', which I will expand on more soon.

We inserted our animatic storyboard, along with all footage into and began to edit over our animatic storyboard and then deleted the animatic storyboard out as we went along. Learning to use iMovie wasn't a struggle for me and Beth as we had some knowledge on it, and whenever we did have challenges on how to use, we always had each other to ask and gain knowledge from.


Blogger has always been a website I am confident in- how to work it anyway, as I have always had my own lifestyle blog, so creating a new one is something I was eager to do since starting college, however, I have gained further knowledge in A2 year as I did not know how to position pictures properly (side-by-side etc…) and learning this helped me a lot to make my blog posts appear shorter, however, I do not use this a lot as I find it fiddly.

Using Blogger to document my magazine, poster and trailer just like last year is something I wanted to carry on doing as I enjoy blogging. However, this year I have a lot more posts, nearly two times of the amount I had last year, and this is because I was continuously updating my poster, magazine and trailer showing you and other people my progress. I do have a lot more research posts and audience feedback posts, as I was trying being more experimental. Also to add, I have put my evaluation questions on Blogger.


I used Garageband at the start of the A2 year, just to have an experiment/trial on how to use it, I made my own piece of music using Garageband which connects to a theme- horror and this was a great way to experiment before I made our trailer music with Beth. I was unfamiliar with it as it was something I never came across before this year. Me and Beth decided to use this for the trailer music because it has many styles of music and it had some eerie sound effects which we wanted to include in our trailer. Me and Beth both created the sounds for our trailer, as I helped with finding and including some pieces, then Beth made the final pieces. Using Garageband was a hard process to get used to the different tools but was the easiest to make music and sound effects precise with our trailer because we could edit the music so it flowed and matched scenes in the trailer. When we finished the music, we imported in into iMovie and adjusting it to make sure it flowed with the moving image.


I used Slideshare to upload some power points onto my blog, using this helped me as it is the only site I know of, which you can upload power points onto, it's an easy process and I was then able to share power points I had made on my blog. I used Slideshare to share my powerpoint on evaluation magazines and also, my pitch.

I had used this in my previous year so already know a lot about it. It is a good way to present my work creatively and be able to share my work online.


Like stated above, I used powerpoint throughout the AS year on to A2 and then uploaded my power points onto Slideshare. Using powerpoint to put my pitch, analysis of magazines and to do part of my evaluation on, I think is a great way to be creative as you can personalise and then, using Slideshare, have an option to upload online.


I have been using word since I can remember! So using this was crucial because I created all questionnaires/surveys on this and used this for production documents for the trailer, poster and magazine (such as production schedules, location reeces, model release forms) and it is a simple 'notebook' styled software which I tend to use daily, it is also a great way to present information on.


Through using Prezi in my previous year, I am knowledgeable of it and know fully how to use it. So using it in this year was great too, I used Prezi to display some of my power points, however, you create these online rather than uploading. It was a great way to think inventively and helped me to lay all of my ideas out clearly and was definitely a great way to encourage me in my media pieces, as this is a creative site where you can customise your 'Prezis.'

Internet Explorer (or 'Safari')

I have used the internet all the way through AS and A2. Using it for all of the websites listed above, writing on my blog and researching. Some other websites I used on the internet, through the making of my media products were 'www.dafont.com', IMDB, and Youtube. I could not have completed my projects without the internet as the whole course revolves around using it.

Cannon D/SLR Camera

The DSLR cameras were used this year instead of the SLR cameras we used last year. The difference is that the 'DSLR' cameras can record. We used the DSLR cameras to record our trailer footage on, and I used the SLR camera to take pictures for my poster and magazine, I also used the SLR to take test shots, model shots and doing so got me used to using the camera, however, I did know how to use most features on it, such as the 'macro' for close-up shots, but I gained more knowledge on how to use the cameras.


I only used Smore in this evaluation question, however, I did know about it before and how to use, it definitely helped me as I did not know what other website to use to complete my evaluation.

New Hive

Again, I used New Hive to complete evaluation question number 2, this was to broaden technologies used and was something I knew about before using it.