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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - April 24

Some People are Worth Melting For (~Olaf)

We care deeply about our relationships with each other because we are caring people and because we know that trusting relationships amongst staff benefits students. That shines through in the current crisis.

The current pandemic does not stop the life-cycle of a school, and that means we have some changes in staff. As Olaf said in Frozen, "Some people are worth melting for." We melt a little because we are going to miss our friends. I am pleased to announce some new hires as well.

• Jill Zientara - We all know Jill is retiring, but this must be a strange way to end an incredibly successful and devoted career. We will miss "Jay-Z" and we will take more time to honor Jill especially in the coming weeks, as well as the other people below.

• Gina Sanfelippo has been hired as our new Speech and Language Pathologist. Gina is a new graduate from UWM who comes to us highly recommended.

• Jyl Krohn has been with us since Thanksgiving, and we continue to be very thankful to Jyl for the way she came in, built relationships quickly, and held high expectations. It is very difficult to start midyear, and Jyl handled it with grace.

• Nicole Paul has been hired as our new 5th grade teacher. Nikie has been teaching in Racine for 13 years, most recently at Red Apple, where she has been a leader in many ways, especially in literacy. Nicole lives in town and has students in SDSM, so she is excited to teach in a district she truly loves.

• Janet Chmielewski has decided to take next year off and we are going to miss the calm, loving environment she creates for her students from Day 1 of 5K.

• ??? Person - Because Janet is taking next year off and because we will need 3 sections of first grade next year, there is a posting on WECAN for a first grade position rather than 5K. This posting closes on May 2nd, so if you know someone that would be great for our students at Lakeview, tell them to apply! That is the only change in grade configurations at Lakeview for next year.

• Melissa Spangler just announced she is going to be taking time with her family for the next few years. We value Melissa's positivity and expertise - you are going to be greatly missed, Melissa!

• Of course we know Jeff Frasch retired and Rob Steiner is already working hard at Lakeview. Once we are together, we can give Rob a proper welcome.

• And we continue to welcome Brianne Nillissen and Amy DeBruin back as we say a heartfelt thanks to Jaime Kawczynski and Jean Nelson.

• We also know there will be some other new faces as long term subs in the building next year, but those are not posted yet.

The future is bright for everyone listed above. By the way, for those of you not joining or leaving Lakeview ... you are worth melting for, too!


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Structural Items

Procession Photo Album - Thanks to those who have added photos to this shared album. If you have not added a photo and have something to contribute, please do by Wednesday - I'm sure our families will appreciate it.

Room clean out & student item pickup - I do not have any new information on this yet, but I do want to clear up one misconception. Last week, when I said the governor has closed schools through June 30, that does not mean we will have to wait until July to retrieve personal items and clean up rooms. In fact that would defeat the purpose of helping Rob move into Summer cleaning mode. Expect something soon.

Class list development - will be a focus of our staff meeting on Wednesday. Same process as last year - we should be able to use some of the staff meeting time on Wednesday for you to enter some information about your current students that will be used at a future date to generate final class lists.

Lakeview Technology Accessibility Spreadsheet - Do you have student that have joined you on a consistent basis in the last two weeks - especially 3rd and 4th grade students that have received Chromebooks? Please update this spreadsheet.

Remote Learning Quick Reference guide - includes links to Grade Level meetings for Thursdays.