School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Business Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Fogelsville Principal Brenda DeRenzo introduced first grade student Noah Dopera to lead the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Turf Presentation

Tom Daniels, Senior Project Manager at Alvin H. Butz Inc. and Parkland Athletic Director Jeff Geisel gave a presentation that included a look at existing soccer/field hockey/lacrosse field conditions at the PHS stadium and an in-depth cost overview on the installation of synthetic turf which would replace the deteriorating grass field. Since girls soccer moved to fall, the field has taken a consistent beating and has not had time to recover. Crab grass has also majorly deteriorated field conditions. Total cost to install turf was estimated at $1.375M, much of which includes a new drainage system. If the field gets installed, it is estimated that the District would save approximately $135,000 in maintenance costs over 10 years as well as about $50,000 in transportation costs to transport teams to other fields for practices and games. Revenue estimates from community use of a turf field were approximately $500,000 over 10 years. Safety concerns about chemicals and materials used in synthetic fields and statistics on athlete injuries were also discussed. Other associated potential projects for consideration included a track resurfacing project estimated at $280,000 and the construction of team rooms and a ticket booth for $316,000. Mr. Sniscak stated that the Board would be given financing options in November to pay for the project if the Board decides to move forward with the project. It was recommended that the School Board make a decision on whether or not to invest in this project by November so that the 5-month permitting process could begin and then the turf could be installed in summer 2015 for a September 2015 opening. Their full presentation can be viewed here.


Mrs. Marcus noted that Parkland was well represented at the PSBA Conference last week where student Abby Kern served as Mistress of Ceremonies and teacher Frank Anonia directed the student showcase. The PHS Chorale also performed at the event and two student delegates and an advisor acted as fine examples of PHS students.

Mr. Cohen noted that 800 new library card accounts were registered as a result of the September partnership with Parkland Library to get students and families registered with cards. Fogelsville won the contest of registering the most cards and therefore had a visit from Curious George.

The School Board and Mr. Sniscak made special mention of Todd Holmes, Parkland's Food Service Director for the past 12 years, who will be leaving the School District to pursue a career in the private sector. They thanked him for his contributions to the school district and wished him well.

The School Board and Mr. Sniscak made special remarks in honor of Robert Thornburg, Director of Student Services, who announced his retirement which will occur at the end of the school year. Mr. Thornburg will retire with 36 years of service in public education and was noted for his unending passion for his job and advocacy for special education students. He was noted for being inspiring, open, respectful and fair. Mr. Sniscak said that Rob is a joy to work with and everyone agreed that they will miss Rob's big and welcoming smile.

Mr. Sniscak closed by thanking Tom Daniels and Jeff Geisel for their work on the turf presentation. He also noted that he is pleased with how renovations are progressing at Kratzer.

Next meeting: November 18, 2014 Workshop at 7 PM, Business Meeting at 8 PM. This will be the only School Board meeting in November.