Universal Studios, Orlando Florida

What A Great Place To Go!

Theme Parks

There are two Theme Parks at Universal. one is Islands of Adventure and the other one is Universal Studios Florida. Both parks have so many great things to do that you will never be bored. In Islands Of Adventure there are rides from your favorite t.v. show, movie and charater. Universal Studios also has rides but has really cool movie sets that are really fun.
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Islands of Adventure attractions

There are so many great rides in Islands of adventure. Some of the most popular rides are....

1. The Hulk

2. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man

3. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

4. Dragon Challenge

5. Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls

6. The Cat in The Hat Ride

Plus more that will keep you busy all day.

Universal Studios Florida

In Universal Studios Florida you have so much to explore. some of the most famous rides in this park are......

1. Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket

2. The Simpsons Ride

3. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

4. Revenge Of The Mummy

5. Jaws

6. Back To The Future: The Ride

And more all these attractions really do attract you to keep riding them because they are so fun and you will make so many memories that you will never forget.

City Walk

The City Walk is a huge range of stores and restaurants next to each other and a crossed from each other. You walk through the City Walk fist then either go left or right at the end of walk to go through the gates to go into one of two parks. The city walk is very fun and enjoyable for all people. At night it is amazing because there are so many different lights and music that plays and its is just a great experience.
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You can either buy your tickets online or at the gate. If you buy your tickets online there are benefits. You can save $20 off the gate price on all multi-day tickets. You can receive a coupon book up to $150 in savings with any multi-day park to park ticket purchase. You will save time by printing your tickets at home and go straight to the front gate of the park. If you buy a park to park ticket you can hop on the train that will take you to the other park.

One day for park to park admission is $147- Adult or $142- Child

2nd Day=$194.99- Adult $184.99- Child

3rd Day= $204.99- Adult $194.99- Child

4th Day= $214.99- Adult $204.99- Child

For a single park admission they cost

One Day= $102- Adult $97- Child

2nd Day= $149.99- Adult $139.99- Child

3rd Day= $159.99- Adult $149.99- Child

4th Day= $169.99- Adult $159.99- Child

Yes they are expensive but it is worth the great experience!

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"Come back with your kids. They will love it."

-Jane Perry

"Your off to great places today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way.

-Dr. Suess

"I'm really happy you talked me into this"

-Justin Perry

"The 3D rides are one of my favorites."

-Angelena Perry

"My ten year old self would of gone crazy here"

-Justin Perry


In my opinion I love Universal Studios Orlando Florida. Because it is so fun and you would never be board with all these things to do. I believe it would be fun for everyone no matter what age you are you will have a blast! You will make so many great memories you will never forget. The creators of this place are GENUINENESS! They made everything come to life so you know for a fact that the characterized rides are real.