From the Principal's Pen

March 30, 2021

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Dear Parents,

THANK YOU to everyone that wrote a letter, spoke to a neighbor and/or spoke on behalf of the BOE budget proposal at the BET meeting last night. Julian Curtiss has received enormous support from other schools and community members during this time. It is humbling and exciting to know we have the support of the majority of the Greenwich community. The BET will make their final decision on Thursday April 1st before the budget moves through the RTM for support. Our community has done everything in their power to express their opinion and support for the JC Renovation Design Plan.

I would like to thank everyone for their hard work but a very special thank you to Jill Ernst who has worked tirelessly to get the budget for this design plan passed!

Together for safety and learning,

Trish McGuire

The JC Playground is Open!

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We ask that you fully supervise your children on the playground if you visit after school. The playground has been open since Monday, March 15th and there seems to be many reports of inappropriate behavior and children hurting one another. The children may need adult support in learning how to play cooperatively in open spaces. It has been a full year since they have had this freedom. Please teach your child proper playground etiquette. Below is a link to an article outlining parent responsibility at a playground.

During the school day , we are adhering to the following guidelines:

  1. Students will sanitize their hands before getting on the equipment and when finished playing on the equipment.

  2. Students will keep a safe distance from one another

  3. Students will wear masks on the equipment

  4. We will only allow one class on that part of the playground at a time (classes will take turns on different days)

These mitigation strategies only work if parents also follow them after school. We ask that parents carry sanitizer and have the students use it before entering the playground. All students should have masks on while playing on the equipment. Please support us in keeping our students at school!

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