Owl Notes



*Wash your hands! Wash your hands! Wash your hands! That's about all I have to say coming back from putting up a hard fought battle against the flu. It's nasty ya'll!!!

*Faculty Meeting will be on Monday. We will have Lisa McGarrah and another technology coach presenting. They will do two different sessions. More information to come.

*TELPAS - Online sessions begin this week. We need to limit WIFI use on the days listed below to help ensure the success of our LEP students who will be testing.\

***Tuesday, February 25 = 2nd grad Reading

***Wednesday, February 26 - 2nd grade Listening and Speaking

***Thursday, February 27 - 4th grade listening and speaking, 3rd grade reading

***Friday, February 28 - 4th grade reading

***Monday, March 2 - 3rd grade listening and speaking

*TELPAS writing sample #4 and #5 this week. The WHITE paper is Sample #4 and the blue paper is sample #5. We are going to push back the date of turn in to Tuesday, March 3. Kara is also postponing final turn in time to after Spring Break. An email will come out on dates and times for turn in. Please remember once the coverpage is on the sample collection, it becomes a secure document and once rating are on the Rater sheet, it becomes a secure document. We will do all of that in the secure testing room when turning in final papers. PLDs will be placed in team leader boxers next week for writing sample collection notes.

*STAAR ALT 2 training - SCSE teachers, aides, Kathy Farris and Tanica Emanuel will need to attend the STAAR Alt2 training on Wednesday, March 4 @ 3:30. Please make plans to tay so you can be trained. Paras need to remain clocked in until after the training. Kathy and Tanica are back up test administrators.

*Chocolate Sales - Put your chocolate sales money in the blue PTO box in the lounge as soon as possible each morning. If it is put in the box before 9 am., the order will be filled that day. Otherwise, it will be filled the next morning. PTO should start delivering boxes to classrooms on Monday at some point.

*Spring Fling Pictures are Friday. A schedule will come out early part of next week.

*Math coach visit - Remember that Gretchen will be here on Monday, February 24. She will be working with Rachel Miller to do our math lab site activity during the day. Rachel will send more details. I'm so excited to see the math lab in action. I know this will be a great mini-PD that you can take and apply immediately! Thank you Rachel!

*Lounge - if you eat in the lounge (and we hope you do) OR if you use any of the dishes to provide treats, please make sure you wash, dry, put away and clean up after yourselves. There has been a stash of dishes just sitting in the sink for a week or so now. Cleaning up after ourselves ensures that at least do our part to help reduce the "roach attracting."

*Just a reminder that our work hours are 7:30 - 3:30 (or when the last student leaves). You are expected to be in the building by 7:30.


March is attendance focus month at ORE! GET READY!!

First peek -

Teacher challenge - Every staff member that has perfect attendance for the month of March, will go into a drawing. Staff development/planning days do not count as long as you actually attend!


*Jeans coupons for ALL Mondays in April and May!

*Gift card

*Free lunch

*Free lunch/recess coverage

On March 31, we will run staff attendance. Everyone with 100% attendance for March will go into the drawing with winners announced April !!

2020-2021 PLANS

The survey asking for your 2020-2021 plans will be coming this week. You will be asked to complete it before leaving for Spring Break.

Things to think about a head of time -

We will be asking for volunteers to help with

*Master Schedule

*Duty Schedule

*Staff development planning and presenting

*Team Leaders

*Site Based members

*Faculty Advisory Committee members

and a few other things.

Hopefully it will be sent out early part of this week so that you can have time to complete it.


*Kara Saly and Kathie Gensbigler for covering outside events while I was down and out.

*Kara Saly for carrying on smoothly for Wednesday - Friday.

*Rachel Miller - for putting together all the lab site pieces for this Monday.



*integration of technology

*implementation of guided math 3x a week

*improving Tier 1 best practices


Okay, it was mentioned to me that the link no longer worked. I've updated it so if you try it and it doesn't go to the "Suggestion Box," please let me know. Just a reminder that suggestions can be made anonymously if you don't want your identify known. If you have suggestions and/or concerns throughout the year, this is one place you will have to let administration know.



Unless a decision needs to be taken to Team Leader or Site Based, answers will be poster here weekly as needed.



24 - Gretchen Montgomery here

24 - Faculty Meeting

26 - 4th and 2nd switch specials for benchmark testing

28 - Felix Rodriguez's birthday

28 - Spring Fling Pictures


2 - Team Leader meeting

2 - First and specials switch schedule for play practice

3 - First and specials AND 4th and 2nd switch specials

4 - First and specials switch specials

4 - Tami out for PTO/Principals' meeting

5 - First grade program - schedule to come

5 - Kara out to STAAR training p.m.

6 - Early Release - end of 3rd nine weeks

6 - Kelsey Bartlett and Rachael Fuller's birthday

7 - Start of Spring Break

9 - 13 - Official week of spring break

10 - Diana White's birthday

16 - Gretchen Montgomery on campus

16 - Jackie Rew's birthday

16 - Site Based Meeting

17 - Nursing students on campus in p.e.

17 - St. Patrick's Day

17 - PTO Meeting @ 9:30 a.m.

18 - Principals' Meeting

18 - SOURCE committee meeting

20 - Tami out afternoon to training

23 - Faculty Meeting

24 - 3rd and 2nd switch specials for benchmark testing

26 - 3rd and 2nd switch specials for benchmark testing

26 - Dr. Phillips campus visit

30 - Gretchen Montgomery on campus

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