DECEMBER Tiger Times SV.7

Week of Monday, December 19 - Friday, December 23, 2022

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Week at a Glance

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Reminders for the Week:

  • 2nd Quarter Progress Reports are to be completed by Monday, 12/19/22. Report cards will be printed and mailed out by Wednesday, 12/21/22. All progress reports must include comments and your email address so that parents have a way to contact you.
  • Daily attendance is to be taken EVERY period in all classes regardless of if you are covering.
  • Renaissance and iReady testing will continue this week through Friday 12/23/2022. Please advise students to have their devices charged and present, since laptop carts will not be lent out.
  • Students must be released on time for lunch, they need their social time and nutrition!
  • In the absences of their teacher, students are to log on to iReady and complete a minimum of one reading and one math assignment.
  • Keep all classroom and external doors (doors leading to the outside of the building) closed and locked.
  • Printed lesson plans are to be available near the door (in hanging file holders) or open in a tab on your Promethean boards.
  • Please continue to stand outside of your classroom door during changing of periods and escort students to exit doors at dismissal.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy ALL

Have a Wonderful Week and Happy Holiday Break!
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Let's show support to our community!


“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you”- Ruth Badger Ginsburg
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Neighborhood Watch

  • Neighborhood Aide is watching: Please don't park in restricted areas.
  • The large containers and garbage bins that are taking up parking spaces near the Greenwich Street entrance are there as part of the HUFSD 2022 Bond Project that includes upgrades, add-ons, build outs, and the refresh of our school. The bins will remain until the work in the suites, e.g., electrical, heating, plumbing etc., is complete. The work will be performed after school hours. It is anticipated that this part of the project will be finished sometime in February 2023, please be patient!.

After School Program

Students involved in our after school programs must exit the building and come back in through the front doors.

Please remind all students prior to dismissal. Thank you.

Loaner Laptops

Loaner Laptops need to be returned at the end of every school day!! The students are able to drop off prior to their last period.

8th Grade loaner laptops are being used by teachers due to the fact that 2 students have not brought back those loaners since September. These are a first come, first serve premise if you only need 1 - 4 during the day.

7th Grade loaner laptops are distributed in the morning, prior to Period 2. If a student is late and needs a laptop, please send them with a pass. These laptops are first come, first serve.

Laptop Carts & Laptop Keys


  1. Laptop Cart Keys NEED to be brought back to the media center EVERY DAY!
  2. Laptop Carts NEED to be returned to the media center and plugged in EVERY DAY!
  3. Double check the book to make sure you are taking the laptop cart you signed out for that day.
  4. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the laptops inside the cart. Make sure to develop a system with your students to guarantee that ALL laptops are returned.

Lets work with one another to make sure our students have the technical tools necessary to succeed.

Principal’s Address to Students

Every 1st Monday of the month.

The zoom link will be sent to your email the morning of.

The address is to be shown in every classroom and students are to remain in place until it is finished even if the bell rings.


All local field trips will require 1 chaperone to 15 students.

Field trips out of state will require 1 chaperone to 10 students.

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Check out the new Coaches Corner Website!!!!

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IB Community Project Process Journal Screencast

TED Talk of the Week - The Art of Teaching

Education System v. Cultural Competence | Gracia Bareti | TEDxDirigo


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Come and support our Community!