Mission & Goals

Laura Meyer - December 18, 2015 - $85,161

Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission for 2015-2016 is to utilize and develop my knowledge, skill sets, and abilities as a servant leader throughout all facets of my life (faith, family, friends, community, and work) through reflection, interaction with others, and continuous learning.

Professional Goals

Goal: I will work collaboratively with district and school colleagues, parents, students, and community stakeholders in order to prepare, create and establish a state-of-the-art learning environment which welcomes and cultivates a sense of community pride and educational excellence as well as promotes a mantra that all learners will achieve and be successful.

Goal: I will find effective ways in which to "sharpen my saw" by eating right, self-reflecting, and exercising.

Weekly Summary Report

Highlights for the week:

*Photo Shoot @ SCE - I met 5 sweet children (all residents of Ravenwood subdivision) on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to take some holiday photos! I think the highlight for them was getting to wear the neon yellow vests, safety glasses, and hard hats!!! (see photos below)

*Student Learning Objective (SLO) Conferences - I sat in on some of these this week at BSES and HES. I found them to be extremely informative and similar to mid-year data conferences that many of us have conducted in previous years. What I like is the ability for each teacher to speak specifically about how each of her students is performing towards attainment of their growth target. What I dislike is that while a teacher's SLO is written to address, say, Math student growth...the discussion/focus tends to be on Math; well, equally important is having discussions about student growth in Reading as well. I think somehow there is a need for discussions of both.

*Reunification Group Meeting - Rhonda arranged for our group to meet at USC-Upstate with K. Peterson (over campus security) to discuss a reunification plan in the event that one of our schools has a need for evacuating and relocating our students to a site away from school. In attendance were: R. Henderson, M. Kimbrell, G. Skinner, J. Cooke, and myself. It was an excellent trip with great conversation towards a plan...a plan that we all pray we will never have a need to use!

*FF&E Meeting - Kim and I met with J. Carter to review room by room furniture specifications and layouts as well as sizes of the student chairs and desks.

*BSES 1st Grade Christmas Programs - I enjoyed listening to 3 classes of first grade students at BSES preform for their parents and family members. The performance, directed by Jana Curry, certainly got everyone in the holiday spirit! (see photo below)

*Gifted & Talented - I met with the 4 G/T teachers about a unit they are planning for their 4th graders in January on Architecture and Landscape Design. I am working with Trevin, Lori, and Gerald on the following: SCE blueprints with measurements for potential landscape designs that students will develop; arranging Lori and Trevin to speak to all the 4th graders on January 28th about their professions; and traveling with them to Wofford College to tour the campus and view some architectural structures.

*HES Event - I was invited on Thursday to attend a 10-year tradition at HES called the "HES Stroll" (with a t-shirt and all!). This after school event for staff members took place in the gym and under low lighting and festival holiday music, beautifully decorated tables were filled with a delicious variety of homemade goodies! It was a grand time for sharing and fellowship....and continues to have me thinking about how SCE will create new traditions in the years to come!

As we close out 2015, I wanted to find a quick way to share some highlights on the progress being made on SCE and combine a holiday message to the staff members at BSES, HES, and BSIS. So, here is a "Shoally Creek Greeting" to BSES, HES, and BSIS (selected staff members):


I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!