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If you're a scientist and your research is slow you need this Tony Gonzalez bot! This geobot can go all over the world collecting samples of ocean water, rocks, basically anything you need for your research. Not only can he do that but once the bot gets the samples, it knows the components that make up the sample and make your research ten times easier. This bot has rocket boots so that they can collect the samples and go all around the world in under 5 minuets! The Tony Gonzalez bot also has many compartments so that you can store many samples all at once. If you're ever bored and want a friend this geobot will do anything, especially play football with you because he loves to do that.;) This bot is a good addition to any scientist lab and also a good friend to have, so buy it today online!

This bot is weather resistant so it can collect samples in any weather that’s occurring at that time. This is good because when you are working and you need research fast and quick even if it's raining, snowing, or a perfect sunny day you can send your geobot out to collect the research you need.

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