Michaela DePrince

by Mady

The Life Story of Michaela DePrince

Have you ever wanted to dance but you weren't sure if you could, think no more because of Michaela DePrince made equal rights for dancers so now you can thank Michaela DePrince.

The Orphanage

One day a girl named Michaela Deprince went to an orphanage, because her parents were killed. Her father was killed in the civil war and her mother starved to death because of devastation. While she was in the orphanage the aunties or also known as teachers they had a rating system of 1 to 27. The number one child was the favorite and got the first choice of everything. the 27th child was Michaela Deprince got the last choice of everything.

The Adoption

One day a family came to south africa to adopt Michaela from the orphanage when she is was in the orphanage the family adopted her and the friend in the orphanage that she made and she was number 26 and her name was Mia.

The Bullied Ballerina

After Michaela got out of the orphanage with Mia Michela became a dutch ballerina after a lot of training and practice. When she actually starred ballet she got bullied because she had a skin disease called vitiligo which left light colored patches on her skin because she was born differently.

The Success

One day in the orphanage Michaela was in the orphanage and the “aunties” allowed the children to look at magazines, when Michaela got to pick her magazine she found one with a ballerina on it and she wanted to be just like her. After she saw the magazine she wanted to take the front cover off and she did but she didn't want the “aunties” to notice so she took the cover off and put it in her underpants because she couldn't think of anywhere else to put it.

The Conclusion

Above all else one of the most significant things that Michaela DePrince life are when she had a speech to tell everyone that it is okay for everyone to dance and everyone should be included even African american people.

quick facts

she is a dutch ballet dancer

her birthday is January 6 1995

she has 5 other siblings

she made a book called taking flight

she has a twitter account

her age is 21 right now

she was born in sierra leone

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Ballerina Michaela DePrince promotes her new memoir, "Taking Flight!"
Ballerina ging door diep dal om de top te bereiken
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