We Are All Cardinals

Superintendent's message

Wishing All a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Now that we have entered the new year, I thought I would send out an updated message! I am trying out this new forum and hope it is well-received.

I am excited that the school year has gone well thus far and look forward to all of the exciting events that are scheduled over the next several months. Each of the schools send out newsletters and they have been filled with exciting activities all year, so I thought I would share some of the things that I have done in a global way since the school year began.

One of my superintendent goals is to work on 'branding' the district to help foster community-building. Each of the schools has received a flag and rugs with our "Students Come First" motto on them, which I think are pretty cool! We have worked with a local vendor to establish Swansea 'gear for the new year' with the Swansea Public School emblems along with T-shirts, etc that will also have "We are All Cardinals" on the backs. Order forms will be available shortly and am excited by the prospect of staff, students and parents sporting district-wide spirit wear.

In addition, I have established a vibrant Twitter account where I share my experiences within the schools, outcomes of sporting events, drama and other activities that I am invited to by teachers and/or principals. Although I am new to social media, I feel the Twitter forum is a great one for the educational community and a great way to share pertinent events for, and about, the district. Follow me @superswansea16

Capital improvement and preventative maintenance is taking place in all buildings across the district. I am pleased by the pride that the principals take in their buildings, as they have continuously identified items that need fixing, sprucing or replacing all with student and staff safety in mind! Our capital improvement plan is crafted in a way that is both, prioritized by need, and fiscally responsible.

Another really exciting thing that has been in place since the beginning of the year is the addition of "Learning Walks." Each principal is slated to visit each school throughout the year and do learning walks to see, and experience, what transpires within their colleagues' buildings. I felt this was a great way to establish more capacity for community-building, sharing of ideas, and to generate more solid transition plans. Each principal, as well as Ms. White and I have "Learning Walks" as part of our educator evaluation goals as we feel it is important to experience teaching and learning within the schools as much as possible. The feedback, thus far, has been encouraging and positive. I think every administrator will be able to build upon this goal each subsequent year as they hone the focus of their visits.

There are many other items to share, but i will save some for my next installment of "We Are All Cardinals"