The Legacy Times

Volume 12 - June & July

Director's Spotlight

Dear Legacy Line families,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far and enjoying a little rest and relaxation. I only have a couple of things for you.

The remaining balance for Crowd Pleasers Line Camp is now due and will be $330 per student. If you haven’t already turned it in, please make sure to make a check out to Legacy Line Backers BC and bring it to WHS by the end of the day next Tuesday June 19th and please turn it in to Alyssa Durand in the front office. When turning it in please put it in an envelope with your daughters name on it and again it must be a check. We will not accept cash. Currently, Wakeland is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30am-4:30pm.

Second, Texas Motion Sports delivery will be July 30th at 3pm in G103. If you would like, you can contact Texas Motion Sports directly to pay for the rest of your dance wear items over the phone or you can pay them at the delivery.

Also, if you can make it don’t miss our "Pizza and Pictures" social this Saturday - June 16, in the square

Lastly, be on the lookout for routine videos from Liliann, Izzy and Journi.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer. #areyoureadyforsomefootball

Thank you,

Mrs. Grubb


Welcome to the Legacy family!

We are thrilled to be sharing the first Legacy Times newsletter (E-news) for the 18-19 Wakeland Legacy Line team. This E-news will be sent at the beginning of each month and serves as a concise way to share all events and celebrations. We will place most news in the monthly Legacy Times E-news for the new month and "look ahead items" as well for the next month.

Booster Name Origin:

The Booster Club name affectionately originated as a play on words based on the football position of the line-backer. Thus, resulting in the name The LEGACY LINE BACKERS.

Booster Club Mission Statement: OUR 'WHY'

Support and champion the Legacy Line Dance and Drill Team at Wakeland High School.

Booster Committees:

We invite you to join a social or fundraiser committee to become an active Line Backer member. More information will be shared during our first booster meeting on...

  • Tuesday - August 21 in WHS Library

We look forward to seeing you at all 4 Booster Club Meetings held during the year.

Booster Questions:

Communication lines will always be open. Please send any inquiries using the following pathway if/when questions arise during the year, so we can best serve all members in most efficient manner: committee member - committee chair - board member - director

We look forward to serving along side of you for our WHS Legacies and Mrs. Grubb!

Legacy Line Backers Board 18-19

Board of Directors pictured:

Top ROW (L-R): President: Mona Savage (Sergeant, Sarah), 1st VP: Brooke Smith (Sergeant, Peyton), 2nd VP: Danielle Woods (Legacy, Kylie)

Bottom ROW L-R: Treasurer: Margaret Wilson (Sergeant, Cara), Secretary: Lisa McManus (Sergeant, Ella), Past Board Member: Christie Halverson (Legacy, Hannah)

1st VP (SOCIAL): Brooke Smith


What a wonderful time we had at the 13th Annual Legacy Line Luau on June 4. It is always a great celebration as our Legacies are inducted and squads are revealed for the new year. Having it at the Hula Hut sure made it feel like a luau!


It is a Legacy Line tradition to have new member moms create and donate locker decorations for the team. New moms will soon receive an email asking for 2 moms to kindly step forward and lead the Locker Committee. The co-chairs will gather the new moms and together will design, create, and plan on placing the locker decorations on all Legacy lockers prior to WHS Kit Kamp for freshman students. Each year, it is so awesome to see the creative designs that adorn our Legacy lockers.


Coming on August 3-5 will be Crowd Pleasers Line Camp... We want to be sure to support our Legacies with camp "Goody Bags". These bags are filled with donated items from Legacies families to encourage our Legacies, as they work hard during the long days at Line Camp.

As many families will begin vacations in month of July and camp being on August 3, we are going to get a head start on gathering items for our bags.

Thank you for reviewing the sign up below to make a donation.

  • *Last day for donations will be July 7th.
Big picture

2nd VP (FUNDRAISING): Danielle Woods

We are excited to be getting prepped and ready for our year of FUNDRAISING during our summer months.

The following are all the fundraising events we will be planning and getting into place:

  • Spirit Nights - Will happen once a month during football season at a nearby restaurant or shop.
  • Corporate Sponsorship - This fundraiser encourages Legacy families to spotlight a business or company they love on our tshirts or website, while at the same time allowing that business to donate back to our Legacies. Be on the look out for business contracts/friends who would be happy to support our Legacy Line team and get some advertisement on our team shirts/website/Spring Show programs.
  • Spring Dance Clinic/Spring Show - This fundraiser provides community girls opportunity to perform dance routine in Annual Spring Show. *If you would like to serve on the Publicity Committee to help advertise this event, send an email my way at

Secretary: Lisa McManus

Thank you for completing the team directory link below.

Having all Legacy Line Backer Booster members complete this form will allow the team directory to be created for the coming year in a timely manner. A hard copy of the 18-19 team directory will be provided at our August LL Backers Booster Meeting. We appreciate it!

Spirit Wear Chair: A.J. Barkley

We were very thankful for the timely arrival of our 18-19 Spirit Wear! A big thanks to our amazing Spirit Wear Chair, A.J. Barkley for providing those orders in a super cute bag at our Luau.

All items ordered were complete, with the exception of the Legacy Line Boot yard signs. These boots will be arriving soon and our wonderful chair, A.J. Barkley, will be contacting those who ordered upon their arrival and arrange for you to pickup.

If you have any questions with your order, please be sure to call AJ Barkley @ 313-655-717.

June/July Dates

6/5-8 Officer Camp @ in Conroe

6/9 Officer Photo Shoot @7pm

6/16 "Pizza and Pictures" team social @ Frisco Square

6/19 LAST DAY TO TURN IN LINE CAMP PAYMENT $330 in WHS front office in envelope!


*before schools begins squads may conduct 4 practice times hosted by each Dance Officer for their squad.

Looking Ahead to August...

8/1 ~ WHS Boot Camp @ 9am-5pm (lunch 1-2pm)

8/2 ~ WHS Boot Camp @ 10:30-5pm (lunch 1-2pm)

8/3-5 ~ LINE CAMP @ Embassy Suites in Frisco (8/3 will depart @ 7am)

8/6 ~ Team pictures @ 11am (location TBD)

8/7-8 ~ WHS Boot Camp @ 9am-5pm

8/9 ~ Officer Practice @ 1-3pm


  • FISD Convocation: Officers only
  • Tentative WHS Boot Camp 1-5pm
  • Big/Little Sis Reveal

8/14-15 ~ Team Practice @6:30am

8/16 ~ HAPPY 1st Day of School!

8/17 ~ Team Social! Save the Date!

8/21 - Booster Meeting @ 7pm in WHS library

8/23-23 ~ Team Practice @ 6:30

8/24 ~ Team Paint Party for Ladders @4:30-6pm

8/28-30 ~ Team Practice @ 6:30

8/31 ~ GAME DAY! PEP RALLY! vs. Sulphur Springs - FISD Memorial @7pm

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Get Connected - Stay Connected!

President (Mona Savage) -

1st VP (Brooke Smith) -

2nd VP (Danielle Woods) -

Secretary (Lisa McManus) -

Treasurer (Margaret Wilson) -

Past Board Member (Christie Halverson) -

Visit the Wakeland Legacy Line Website:

Stay connected by following our Legacies:

Twitter @WHSLegacyLine

Instagram @whslegacy

Facebook @Wakeland High School Legacy Line Drill Team

Youtube Channel: WHS Legacy Line YouTube

Photos: SmugMug Gallery

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